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Lucky (TotA)

Lucky as it appears in Tales of the Abyss.

Lucky (ラックラック Rakkurakku?, "Luck Luck") is a status-increasing strike arte exclusive to Anise Tatlin from Tales of the Abyss.

Arte Description and History[]

When Anise uses this arte, she tosses three dice to attack the enemy and increase her luck. When it is used within a fully-charged Wind or Light FOF Circle, it becomes the arte Happy Light. Furthermore, after achieving mastery of the arte, it is used as the means of activating her second mystic arte, Fever Time, after all other conditions are met. In Tales of the Rays this arte increases Anise's Critical, while in Tales of Crestoria it increases her critical hit rate.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of the Abyss[]

Japanese Description: 周りにダイスを振りまき攻撃する特技。幸せな気分になり運も上昇する。

Tales of the Rays[]

Japanese Description: ダイスを落とす秘技。確率で範囲内の味方のCC回復、クリティカル上昇

Tales of Crestoria[]

Japanese Quote: 賽は投げられた~!ラックラック!