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Luin (ToS).jpg
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Sylvarant
Region Northeastern Continent

Luin, the City of Hope (希望の街ルイン Kibō no Machi, Ruin?), also known at different times as the City of Devastation, Rebirth, and Water, is a city in the center of the Balacruf region that resides near the Asgard Human Ranch in Tales of Symphonia. Built on Lake Sinoa, the city is known for hiding refugees and people who have escaped from the ranch.


Tales of Symphonia

If the group visits Luin before the Seal of Wind, Lloyd Irving finds Sheena at the local fountain playing with children. When the children run to hide, Sheena spots Lloyd and swears that the next time she meets him, she will kill him, before leaving. When the Desian Grand Cardinal Kvar discovers that prisoners who have escaped from his ranch are hiding in Luin, he invades the city and takes every survivor as prisoner. Although Sheena Fujibayashi attempts to help the citizens, she fails, later assisting the group in a rescue mission at the ranch. Managing to rescue its citizens from the ranch by killing Kvar, the group later assists in rebuilding the city to its former glory and greater.

Prior to succeeding at the ranch, however, the group rests in Luin after discovering the truth behind Exspheres and how they are manufactured. Furious at the idea, Lloyd removes his Exsphere and prepares to destroy is before Colette Brunel warns him that "nothing good will come of it". Kratos Aurion echoes this notion, stating that, without Exspheres, they are merely powerless humans.

In a sidequest, the group has the option of finding Pietro in Luin and assisting him with rebuilding the city. Pietro ultimately feels responsible for the city's destruction, so Lloyd and his companions can donate Gald in order to gradually reconstruct the city, eventually enabling the city to surpass its former glory. Near the end of the sidequest, the city is fully rebuilt to a much better state than before it was attacked. New, joke-themed weapons can be purchased in the local weapon shop, and statues of Lloyd, Sheena, and Raine Sage are built around the city to commemorate the three heroes. Later in the story, Luin is revealed to be the hometown of Anna Irving, Lloyd's mother. When Kratos informs Lloyd of this, the two resolve to protect the city while the worlds are still in danger.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Luin as it appears in Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, Luin is the hometown of Emil Castagnier, the game's protagonist. The city is in its upgraded state from the sidequest of its prequel, even possessing the statues that commemorate three of the game's heroes. Because of this, the city's restoration is considered canonical. Many of the city's residents adore Lloyd for his past actions and refer to him as "Lloyd the Great". In particular, young men admire his actions and life. However, because of his past, Emil is not a follower of Lloyd and often emphasizes that he hates Lloyd for killing his parents in an event known as the Blood Purge.


  • The amount of Gald to restore Luin each time is as follows:
    • Donate 5,000 Gald and Pietro thanks the group.
    • Donate 12,000 Gald and a new resident moves in.
    • Donate 21,500 Gald and the city's name changes to "Luin: City of Rebirth".
    • Donate 15,000 Gald and more workers move in to help rebuild.
    • Donate 20,000 Gald and more residents move in.
    • Donate 25,000 Gald and more workers move in to help rebuild.
    • Donate 35,000 Gald and the inn and item shop re-open.
    • Donate 40,000 Gald and more residents move in.
    • Donate 45,000 Gald and the Katz return.
    • Donate 50,000 Gald and the weapon shop re-opens.
    • Donate 75,000 Gald and the weapon shop sells stronger weapons.
    • Donate 100,000 Gald and the city's name changes to "Luin: City of Water".
    • Donate 5,000 Gald and a Sheena statue is built near the weapon shop.
    • Donate 5,000 Gald and a Lloyd statue is built atop the fountain.
    • Donate 5,000 Gald and a Raine statue is built near the item shop.