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Luke fon Fabre
Luke fon Fabre (TotA)
Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Hometown Baticul
Age •17 (beginning)
•20 (end)
Height 5'7" / 171 cm
Weight 150 lbs / 68 kg
Race Human
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Chihiro Suzuki
English Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal[1]
Character Designer Kousuke Fujishima

Luke fon Fabre (ルーク・フォン・ファブレ Ruuku fon Fabure?, "Luke fone Fabre") is the main protagonist in Tales of the Abyss. In the Ancient Ispanian language, his name means "light of the sacred flame" (聖なる焔の光 seinaru homura no hikari?). He is the son of Duke Crimson Herzog fon Fabre and Duchess Susanne fon Fabre, and by extension, the nephew of King Ingobert VI.



Seven years prior to the events of the story, Luke is reportedly kidnapped by the Malkuth Empire, an experience so traumatic as to cause him to lose all memory of events and people encountered before this event. Since his return to Kimlasca, he has been confined in the Fabre manor in Baticul, by orders of his uncle, King Ingobert VI, having only the company of his parents, Natalia Luzu Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, the servants, his teacher Van Grants, and his best friend Guy Cecil. Because of this, Luke has attempted to escape many times from the manor, but to no avail. His methods of escaping have included hiding inside a bag left in a wagon that came to deliver goods to the kitchen's manor, climbing the fence, and disguising himself as a "White Knight". Since this event, Luke has periodically experienced painful headaches, similar to migraines but apparently less severe and with no perceptible cause, hearing voices each time they occur. Luke's family believe them to be linked to the kidnapping.

Spirited Away[]

One day in the middle of sword practice, Tear Grants enters the Fabre manor using a fonic hymn to lull its occupants to sleep, and attempts to assassinate Van. Luke intervenes, causing an isofon-induced hyperresonance which transports the two away into the Tataroo Valley, which lies within the territory of the Malkuth Empire. Thus begins Luke's adventure into the world he has never had knowledge about with Tear as his guide. As he makes his way across Malkuth, Luke begins to develop a better understanding of the world outside his manor, despite still behaving like a spoiled child until much later in the story. Shortly after their arrival in the farming village of Engeve, Luke and Tear encounter Malkuth Colonel Jade Curtiss and Fon Master Guardian Anise Tatlin of Daath.

It is later revealed that the two are escorting Fon Master Ion of the Order of Lorelei to the Kimlascan Capital, Baticul, in the hope of persuading the king of Kimlasca not to go to war with Malkuth. Luke agrees to aid Jade and Ion in obtaining an audience with his uncle, King Ingobert VI of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear, after being captured by Malkuth forces and taken aboard the Tartarus following an investigation of food theft by the cheagles under threat of being eaten by ligers. They are later joined by Guy after the Tartarus is attacked and commandeered by the six God-Generals of the Order of Lorelei, who appears miraculously on time to save Luke, Jade and Tear from Legretta and Arietta. When Largo is supposedly killed by Jade, Luke is astonished to see how Jade simply murders him. He is placed on guard when he unwilling kills an enemy soldier.

Luke is shocked that he killed someone, and after some convincing conversations with Tear, he once again picks up his sword. When the party, now accompanied by Guy, runs into more soldiers, Luke cannot bring himself to draw his sword. Tear jumps in the way as the soldier prepares to strike the killing blow. Fortunately, Tear is not hurt badly, but Luke places it upon himself to not be as fearful of killing because of her injury. After the return to Baticul, Luke discovers that Van has been arrested and possibly faces execution. However, Van is freed, and after a meeting with him Luke sees the promise of becoming a hero as stated in Lorelei's score. Luke is tricked by his very own master into destroying Akzeriuth, the mining town to which he and his party had been sent to provide assistance following an earthquake that released the miasma from below the surface.

As a result of Van's deception, the Sephiroth supporting the mining town was destroyed and the entire city fell into the Qliphoth, the world beneath the Outer Lands. The Qliphoth is known only to the upper echelons of the Order of Lorelei, is shrouded in the deadly miasma, and spreads beneath the Outer Lands as an expanse of liquified crust beneath an eerie, violet sky. After the catastrophe with the destruction of Akzeriuth at Luke's hands, he starts to lose the trust and support of the whole party. They turn from him when he needs their support most. His selfish and arrogant attitude had proven to be too much for the group. They chose to abandon his side to deal with the situation that he refused to acknowledge his share of the blame of, ultimately leading him to tears. The only one who would stay by his side was Mieu.

Desire to Change[]

After his close encounter with God-General Asch, Luke enters in a depression shock after finding out that he is merely a replica of Asch, and that Asch is the original Luke kidnapped by Van in order to overturn Yulia Jue's Score. He is unable to overcome this on his own. As he saw through Asch's eyes the way that Guy still considered him a friend, and Tear's council about what exactly to do to make up for his mistake, Luke cuts his hair with Tear's knife to throw away his old self and try to change into a better person. From this point on, Luke's resolve seems solid, since he now wants to save the world, even if that does not make up for his actions at Akzeriuth. A little later in the game, Luke finds his own way to save the world by controlling the Sephiroth Passage Rings with his hyperressonance. If done correctly, this could allow him to steadily lower the Outer Lands into the Qliphoth before they fall.

Meaning of Birth[]

One month after the Outer Lands were lowered, Luke has returned to his manor in the city of Baticul. This time though, he has decided to keep in contact with his friends. After a while, Luke and his friends reunite and start travelling the world once again. As they do, it becomes clear that the world was not fully saved by their actions. Miasma starts to pour back into the Outer Lands, and replicas wander the streets with nowhere to go but the mysterious Tower of Rem. Eventually, Luke discovers a way to save the world that would involve the loss of ten thousand lives and one Seventh Fonist.

The replicas, willing to die if it will put an end to their pain, offer themselves up as a sacrifice as well as Luke. He believes that he has no reason to exist and thinks that by living, he is denying Asch the life he was meant to be living. His friends try and persuade him that he is wrong, but Luke makes up his mind. He and the replicas travel to the top of the Tower of Rem and Luke starts to cast an amplified hyperressonance to absorb the world's miasma. During this time, Luke realizes that he does not want to die. His efforts to remove the miasma are not enough, and Asch is forced to step in and help again. Both him and Luke are caught up in the energy field and when it disappears, they are both still alive. Both the miasma and the replicas are gone, however.

Slow Death[]

Even with the miasma gone, the fate of the world still hangs in the balance. Van Grants has replicated the destroyed city of Hod, now renamed Eldrant, and will use it to destroy the world and build a new age of replicas. Luke and the others decide that they have to stop this from happening, and that they have to do it fast. At the Tower of Rem, Luke finds Asch attempting to use the replicas to erase the world's miasma, but Luke refuses to let this happen and argues with Asch for the sword. Luke tells Asch, that he should be the one to die since he is a replica. Asch leaves after failing in this attempt and Luke and his party head to Daath.

At Daath, he reveals his choice that he will sacrifice his life and allow Asch to live. At the tower, Luke and Asch fight again on who will use the Key of Lorelei, but Luke manages to take Asch's place when Jade manages to hold on to Asch. While attempting this, a large object emerges from Luke's chest. Asch reveals that it is the Jewel of Lorelei that they had been searching for, and that Luke must have sealed into himself during the fight with Van. Luke uses the sword along with jewel to clear the miasma. Luke and rest of the party are surprised to see Luke living, but Luke notices that his hand is becoming transparent. The party goes back to Belkend to speak with the doctor; the doctor explains that Luke's Seventh Fonons are separating, and at some point he will die.

Desire to Live[]

As Luke makes his way to Eldrant to stop Van, he realizes that his remaining time after finally discovering the meaning of life is too short. Tear tries to persuade him that he is going to live and keep on living, even with the Seventh Fonons inside of him slowly fading away. He eventually reaches Eldrant but finds himself falling through a trap door into a large, sealed off chamber. Asch is down there too, and he has discovered a way to escape. Unfortunately, it requires one person to stay behind and hold the door open using hyperressonance. Luke volunteers to stay, saying that Asch would be able to defeat Van easier, being the original.

Asch cannot stand Luke putting himself down though, and he cannot allow Luke to decide who is stronger on his own. He challenges his replica to fight. The winner will be declared stronger and will be allowed to go forward and defeat Van. Luke emerges from the fight victorious and Asch hold the door open for him. Afterward, however, Asch is killed by Oracle Knight replicas. As he breathes his last breath, he gives Luke what remains of his power, allowing Luke to perform Second Order hyperressonance. After defeating Van, Luke frees Lorelei and saves the world. But after catching Asch's corpse, both of them are engulfed in a blinding light as Asch's hand twitches.


Three years later, Luke is presumed to be dead, either killed in the destruction of Eldrant or worn down by separating Seventh Fonons. However, on the night of his coming of age ceremony, his twentieth birthday, Luke mysteriously reappears in Tataroo Valley. But the Luke seen is slightly different than the one who defeated Van. Notable changes include longer hair, with a hair tone between Asch's dark ends and Luke's light ends, a completely different outfit, a slightly different voice from both Luke and Asch, and the Key of Lorelei positioned in the same way Luke always had his sword. When Tear asks why he was here, he replies that there was a nice view of Hod, and he tells her that he made a promise to someone. Tear begins to cry as she rushes over to him, joined by his other friends who were nearby except Jade, who merely smiles.

Appearance and Personality[]

Luke Status (TotA) Long Hair

Status image with long hair in Tales of the Abyss.

Luke's outfit for the most part remains the same. He wears a white coat with two buttons near the chest area and a black undershirt that reveals his stomach. He wears black pants and red shoes to compliment his appearance. He has long red hair but cuts it short later in the series. At the end of the series, a man who appears to be Luke, or possibly Asch, has long hair and wears more conservative clothing that seems to combine Luke and Asch's style.

Initially, due to his sheltered upbringing brought on as the result of his kidnapping, Luke is initially self-centered, abrasive, arrogant, and rude. He does not pay attention to the feelings of others and acts condescending to others, even his own friends. He is not above pointing out the flaws of others or getting into fights and thought his status made him superior to others. He was not above hitting Mieu when they first met simply because he found Mieu annoying. He was not above being rude to others and calling them names, referring to Mieu as a thing. He also was clueless as to how the world worked, once eating an apple without paying, claiming he did not need to pay since the manor paid for everything. He also tended to order people around, ordering Tear to accompany him on his journey which she agreed only due to his status and once ordering Mieu to spit fire and telling Tear to be quiet. He was not without some affection, as he genuinely cared for Natalia and Guy along with his parents, and looked up to Van as his master.

However, once he learned of his true origin as a clone and realizing how his actions caused harm which causes his friends' temporary abandonment of him, he resolved to change to become a better person, cutting off his hair as a symbol of his change. He becomes more sensitive to the feelings of others and tries to be a kinder person, though his impulsiveness and unintentionally rude comments sometimes get in the way. He retains a sense of honest and duty towards his mission, along with developing a close relationship with his friends. He also begins to understand the different perspectives of not only his allies but his enemies and begins to understand their motivation toward their goals, expressing sympathy for many of them.

He also loses his sense of superiority toward others, due to his understanding he is a clone. He becomes willing to sacrifice himself on multiple occasions if it means saving others, despite the protest of his friends, showing how much he has grown and the depth of his devotion to help others. Out of all of the teammates, he seems closest to Tear, who he asks to watch over him and look after him. He even buys back the necklace she sold in order to help them during the beginning of the journey because it was important to her and genuinely thanks her for everything she has done for him. He soon develops strong feelings for her which are reciprocated and he attempts to confess, but decides against it.

Some traits that he retains even as he changes is his mischievous personality, short temper, and honest personality. He enjoys teasing his friends, once pushing Guy into the hot spring near the female members of their group simply to see his reaction. He still occasionally makes rude comments but never means harm by them and does apologize if his words come too far, though his comments are far more restrained and less hurtful than they were in the past. He also hates being teased or made fun of, sulking when his friends tease him. He is still prone to jumping head first into fights but is more contemplative and does think of strategies to defeat his enemies and protect his friends and the innocent.

His status as a clone makes him unsure of himself, causing him to develop an inferiority complex toward Asch, the person he was cloned from and questioned if he was his own person. Because he is a clone, he believes he has no right to live as he feels he denied Asch the right to his life which leads him to recklessly trying to sacrifice himself on several occasions to save the others. His impending death as the result of the instability of clones also worries him, though he ponders and worries about this in silence in order not to disturb others.

Fighting Style[]

Luke Radiant Howl 1

Cut-in image with long hair for Radiant Howl in Tales of the Abyss.

Luke Radiant Howl 2

Cut-in image with short hair for Radiant Howl in Tales of the Abyss.

Luke Lost Fon Drive

Cut-in image for Lost Fon Drive in Tales of the Abyss.

Luke fights using the Albert Style taught to him by Van himself. Fighting with his left hand, Luke continues the tradition of being a slower-hitting, more powerful swordsman who chooses to focus on more damaging techniques with less emphasis on combos. As such, he has techniques such as Fang Blade, Raging Blast and Guardian Field, all of which do not chain well in combos. Luke has many elemental attacks which can create incomplete FOF Circles, adding a unique amount of elemental versatility that enables him to form his own FOF Changes when needed. Through a series of sidequest events involving the Albert-style textbooks, Luke can learn additional techniques like Sonic Thrust, Demon Fist, and Slag Assault.

After being made aware of his hyperresonance abilities, Luke is able to incorporate it into his mystic arte, Radiant Howl. Once he has the Key of Lorelei, increasing his hyperresonance strength potential, with his new mystic arte, Lost Fon Drive.

Other Appearances[]

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology[]

Luke appears along with Tear in Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology as a playable character. He is classed as a Swordsman with the Duke's Son title. He first appeared in Ailily alongside Tear, happy that he left the manor but soon after he gets quickly bored, prompting to actions that would later force Tear to cope with his arrogance and selfishness. He also tried to join Ailily's Ad Libitum chapter, only for Luke to not join it due to the guild leader Kratos Aurion's conditions to be an apprentice before being a full-fledged member. After reaching Gavada, while he and Tear use their time going around and look for a way to get home, they are in the end asked by Mormo to give them their help while they still are in Terresia after the two of them arguing over various subjects and difficulties during their stay in Terresia. They agree to this and are afterward available to use as party members in the Ad Libitum chapter in Gavada. The sword Luke uses throughout the entire game is the average Cutlass.

It is implied that Luke and Tear reached Terresia though a hyperresonance reaction, much like what spirited them away to Malkuth in the beginning of Tales of the Abyss. They also leave through another hyperresonance reaction, making many fans believe that, before landing in Malkuth, they came to Terresia but forgot about it when they came back to Auldrant.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2[]

Luke Cut-in (TotW-RM2)

Cut in image for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2.

Short-haired Luke and most of the Abyss characters appear as playable characters. Luke is first seen when the Protagonist and the guild on the Van Eltia see his ship is attacked out on sea. He along with Tear, Guy, and Jade flee into a nearby cave and stay in there until they manage to recover from the attack. Afterward, the player gets the story mission to go save him and along with the others. Deep inside the cave where they are located Luke is injured badly and Guy is trying to wait for Tear to show up to heal him. After defeating Guy, Luke is prepared to fight the player also, but Jade and Tear stop this from happening and explain to Luke that the player is not their enemy. After Tear heals Luke, he heads to ship with the others to report to Chat and he is available to be called out into the player's party following the event. Unlike the original Tales of the Abyss and other spin-off games, Asch and Luke are portrayed as twins instead of Luke being Asch's replica or clone. During the course of the game Luke tries to get along with Asch, but he just ignores him. The sword Luke uses throughout the entire game is the Fonic Sword.

Tales of VS.[]

Luke Status (ToVS)

Status image in Tales of VS.

Luke Cut-in (ToVS) 1

Cut-in image with long hair in Tales of VS.

He appears as a playable character along with most of the Abyss characters. In the game's timeline and plot, he is the prince of the Kingdom of Niddhog. He has a very haughty attitude due to him being brought up as a spoiled prince who has never faced any hardships or problems. He was forced to join the "Yggdrasill Battle", which is part of a rite for the Imperial succession of the kingdom of Nidhogg. As in Tales of the Abyss, Luke is a replica of Asch and was raised as the real Luke. When he finds out the truth, he decides to change, then cuts his hair. Although, the long-haired Luke can still be played by pressing the Start button while choosing Luke in the character selection screen.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3[]

Luke Cut-in (TotR) 2

Cut-in image with long hair for Tales of the Rays.

In Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3, Luke takes part in the game with his long-haired appearance. He is the eldest son of Duke fon Fabre and the first successor to the throne of the kingdom of Lima. Asch is designated as his twin brother, younger than Luke and second in line to ascend to the throne. They both escape to the Van Eltia under the escort of their shared swordsmanship instructor Van, while the riot brews within their country, caused by a Descender-worshiping cult known as the Disciples of the Dawn. They reunite unwillingly with Natalia, Tear, and Jade, joining them to work for the guild in exchange for staying on the ship. Luke's personality follows that of the first half of the original game's story. He shows strong immaturity through his obstinate and wayward mannerisms, frustrated by boredom, extremely emotional, and bossy towards his guild colleagues. He showed a great lack of aristocratic manners. Asch refers him as trash, and the brothers always quarrel against each other. Eventually, Van arranges a test for both of them to prove who is more suitable to be the throne successor, leading to an outcome of failure for both of them compared to Van's expectations.

Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave[]

In Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, Luke appears in Guy's serious scenario as his partner. He remains as the son of Duke Fabre, and he takes up his long-haired appearance at first. On hearing a voice in his head telling him that he will become a hero to save the world using the Eternal Sword, Luke leaves the manor and activates the sword in spite of Guy's efforts to stop him. But it turns out that he has been deceived by the owner of the voice, Elrane, resulting in the death of thousands of people. Unable to accept the gravity of what he has done, Luke flees and is absent for two chapters.

When Guy finally finds him, he is on the verge of an emotional breakdown, and he even wants to commit suicide. Guy stops him by saying that death is nothing but an escape from responsibilities, and he assures Luke that he will accompany him as always in his upcoming life to pay for the crime he has committed. Luke recovers himself and destroys the Eternal Sword together with Guy. At the end of the story Luke cuts his hair to show his determination. His short-haired appearance can be seen in a picture after the story is cleared. Luke is also the protagonist of a comical scenario with Guy assisting him. He is again the long-haired spoiled son of Duke Fabre in this story who causes chaos with other Tales characters. In the end, however, he somehow saves the world from Schwartz by talking her out of revenge on human with unintended words. When Luke appears as a boss in other stories in the game, it is most often because he is the one that has caused troubles.

Tales of Link[]

Luke appears in the game as an Oldrorean aristocrat, with his personality following the original game's first half. He has traveled to the Sairan Alliance Capital in a fact-finding mission and decides to leave Tear upon joining the Savior's group. Eventually, he grows bored and leaves the group, but he is immediately captured by Agria.

Tales of Asteria[]

Star Fragments[]

In Tales of Asteria, King Ingobert VI of Kimlasca grows anxious over war threatening to break out among Auj Oule in the north, Windor in the east, as well as Sylvarant. Eager to prove himself, Luke volunteers as a goodwill ambassador and sets out with Mieu.

Along the way, they come across a girl named Meredy. Since she lacks direction, Luke allows her to accompany him for the time being. After finally reaching there, they come across Presea Combatir, who guides them to the capital, Meltokio.

Tales of Crestoria[]

Adjudicators of Sin[]

Luke Cut-in (ToCrestoria)

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

In Tales of Crestoria, Luke is a noble of the Kingdom of Medegal. Luke had a twin brother who was mysteriously taken away when he was a baby. This resulted in Luke's parents keeping a very close eye on him instead of treating him like an adult. Senegal was the only person to understand Luke, who told him to kill the Hegemon tormenting Southvein. He is assisted by Aegis Alver, Vicious the Great Transgressor, Kanata Hjuger and Misella. However, Jade Curtiss and Asbel Lhant arrive at the scene jut as the Hegemon dies. It turns out that the monster was only regulating the flow of mana in the area. Its death destabilizes the region, causing a landslide that destroys Southvein.

The groups helps evacuate the survivors to a church nearby. Luke confesses that he was tricked into causing the landslide, which angers one of the survivors into attacking him. Senegal arrives with a contingent of soldiers rescues Luke. Once Luke is safe, Senegal orders his soldiers to slaughter the remaining survivors down the last person. He then lies to the vision orb, manipulating the footage to show the Southvein villagers confronting Luke but hiding his role in Southvein's destruction and then using it as justification to slaughter them. Senegal's story tricks the viewers of the vision orb, absolving Luke of his "transgression."

Senegal's brazen lies and actions earn the disgust of the group, who help Luke confront him. Senegal tries to get Luke to help him, but Luke yells back in rage for what the former did to him. Senegal uses the vision orb to summon the enforcers to kill the transgressors, but to no avail. Vicious swiftly ends Senegal's life with one shot. With the true culprit dead, Luke still feels guilty for what he had done and demands the vision orb to send the enforcers to kill him, but to no avail. The group convinces Luke that he needs to own up to his actions. Kanata, Misella, Vicious, and Aegis leave Luke with Jade and Asbel to help him face his sin.

Side Story: Luke[]

After having parted ways with Asbel and Jade in hopes of redeeming himself, Luke gets overwhelmed by a pack of monsters in the forest outside of Palumi Village. After being rescued by Alisha Diphda, he awakens in town to find her looking after him. Alisha explains that she is the Countess of Southvein, and that she had been abroad when her village collapsed. In a fit of hysteria, Luke begs Alisha to kill him in vengeance, but she refuses, saying that he has already been deemed innocent by Vision Central. Unable to accept her composure, Luke storms out.

In the forest, Luke finds the monsters from before skulking near the village. In order to protect it, he decides to fight them until his dying breath, wishing for the release of death that Alisha would not provide him. As he fights, however, Alisha comes once more to his side, cautioning Luke to withdraw from the hopeless battle. When he refuses, Alisha decides to stand with him. In spite of their victory, Luke remains dissatisfied and refuses to receive aid for his injuries, hoping to find someone who will kill him. Alisha expresses her confusion towards his obsession with atonement, as Luke has already been deemed innocent by the masses. At her request to know the truth of what happened, Luke consents to returning to Palumi Village where he can explain everything.

Luke tells Alisha about the events at Southvein, and confesses that her people were killed due to his recklessness. Despite having learned the truth, Alisha does not believe that she has the right to judge Luke, disappointing him.

Garr Kelvin, the village manager, finds the pair arguing and offers that Luke investigate a local Spirit who is said to grant wishes. Alisha decides to tag along, though believes that Luke is simply looking for an excuse to get out of living with his guilt. When he accuses her of not understanding, Alisha confesses to feeling responsible for Southvein herself, having been plagued with thoughts that she could have saved someone had she been there. The two decide to ask the spirit for a chance to apologize to the victims of Southvein.

In the eastern woods, Luke and Alisha meet Muzet, the local spirit. Luke tells her about his wish to apologize, and Muzet confirms that she can bring back the victims for him. She then sends the duo to collect the spring water and flowers necessary for the arte. Despite Luke's optimism, Alisha questions whether the spirit can actually revive the dead.

While gathering the catalysts for Muzet, Alisha explains her feelings towards having failed to save her people, and admits to finding her own survival to be her sin. Having come to understand the suffering Alisha's endured because of his actions, Luke apologizes to her and decides that he must stop running from his own sin, no longer caring if the people of Southvein ever forgive him, so long as he can apologize.

After receiving the catalysts, Muzet performs her arte and the people of Southvein return before the pair's eyes. Though both Luke and Alisha try to apologize, something goes wrong, and the villagers begin rampaging in anger. Recognizing that they are headed towards Palumi Village, Luke and Alisha resolve to stop them.

The pair encourage Garr to evacuate the villagers while they attempt to stop the army's advance. Unable to stall them for long, Luke cries out to the people of Southvein, apologizing wholeheartedly as he explains that their deaths were the result of his actions. In response, the revived villagers vanish, leaving behind the catalysts. Having arrived to see how things progressed, Muzet explains that the villagers had never been resurrected, but were images extracted from both Luke's and Alisha's memories and given form through the catalysts. Now that Luke's wish to apologize has been granted, the inhabitants of Southvein have returned to their original forms. Unsatisfied, Luke vents to Muzet how his wish was never really granted, as the fake villagers could never forgive him for his actions against the real people. Alisha, however, suggests that the pair had only been trying to please themselves with their actions, and that simply living and asking themselves what they can do may be the atonement they seek.

Despite having saved the people of Palumi Village, Luke and Alisha take responsibility for their actions and apologize for the attacks, receiving forgiveness from the villagers.

Luke decides to depart, knowing that the atonement he seeks will not be found by waiting, and Alisha joins him in their shared goal.

The iDOLM@STER: SideM[]

Luke makes an appearance in the mobile game The iDOLM@STER: SideM during a collaboration between it and Tales of Asteria.



Chibi Luke
Luke Cut-in (TotW-RU)

Cut-in image for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia.

  • Following the typical hereditary Order of succession in existing monarchies in the real world, Luke is currently third in line to inherit the throne of the kingdom of Kimlasca-Lanvaldear. He is preceded by the second in line, Luke's mother Suzanne, who is the sister of the reigning king, and further preceded by the royal heir and Luke's cousin, Natalia. This disregards all complications related to replication and genetic lineage. If Luke and Natalia's intended plan of marriage had progressed, Luke would not bypass the order of succession to become the next king, instead becoming the prince consort, while Natalia retains her position as queen regnant.
  • In both language files of Tales of the Abyss, there exists two artes neither Luke nor Asch have access to in any final version of the game. They are called "Falling Dragon" ( Tsuiga Soushouzan?) and "Ravaging Hell" ( Tenma Senretsushou?).
  • After starting a new game with "Titles" purchased in the Grade Shop, if Luke wears a costume title when he heads back to his room in the beginning, Guy comments whether he has cut his hair while Luke insists that the short hair is a wig.
  • In his artwork, Luke uses the "Cutlass", which appears as his default weapon in his crossover appearances.
    • In Tales of Asteria, Luke uses the "Fonic Sword".
  • Luke's outfit appears as a legacy costume for Genis Sage in PlayStation 3 and later releases of Tales of Symphonia, Flynn Scifo in PlayStation 3 and Definite Edition releases of Tales of Vesperia, and Dezel and Zaveid in Tales of Zestiria.
  • In Tales of Vesperia, in Nordopolica, the sign behind the talking gladiator lists and mentions a small description of Luke and the other playable Abyss characters. On Laulyse Island, a monster named Gentlereplica appears when it is raining. While it is a variation of the typical "Gentleman", it wears a mask of Luke, granting it the ability to parody Luke's fighting style, including the arte Raging Blast. This enemy also appears in the Majestic rank of the coliseum, alongside similarly styled parody creatures that represent Tear and Mieu.