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Lumen Spring (輝きの泉 Kagayaki no Izumi?, "Fountain of Shine") is a location in Tales of Legendia, located west of Werites Beacon and sitting on a hill. The actual spring has a ruined statue with several trees and plant life surrounding it, as well as a nearby shoreline. The path leading to the spring has many waterfalls and also gives an impressive view of Werites Beacon.


Main Quest[]

At the beginning of the story, Senel Coolidge and Shirley Fennes are washed ashore near the spring after being hit by a wave. Senel notices that Shirley has a fever after being drenched in seawater. A man notices the pair and inquires about the situation. Senel asks the man if there are any freshwater areas nearby, and the man points to Lumen Spring. Senel hurries Shirley over while the man examines the boat, believing Senel to be a member of the Holy Alliance after some deduction. As the man ventures over to the spring, he sees Shirley in the water and believes that Senel is drowning her, when suddenly, Shirley's hair begins glowing brightly.

The man believes that Shirley is a Shining One after hearing from Senel of her symptoms. While questioning Senel who she is, Senel ignores him. When the man inquires about from where Senel came, Senel explains that he was drawn ashore, and the man tells them that they are on a giant ship called the Legacy, a relic from an ancient civilization. Suddenly, Shirley screams as a mysterious man approaches her. Senel and the intruder begin fighting, and Shirley is kidnapped by Moses Sandor, a notorious bandit. Moses flees with Shirley, and the intruder pursues him. The man states that the bandit may be taking Shirley to his hideout. He introduces himself as Will Raynard, and Senel obliges. Upon leaving, the two encounter Mimi Baker, who gives them a recipe for making bread.

As the two make their way to town, Senel is surprised that an entire town is onboard a ship. Will asks if the term Merines means anything to Senel, and Senel answers no. Will begins explaining to Senel about the Kingdom of Terises and how it was ruled by the Merines. Senel asks if the Merines is connected to the Legacy, which Will confirms, because the Merines was able to control it through will alone, and the reason people are after Shirley is because that people believe that she is a descendant of the Merines. Will also tells Senel that a pillar of light was shining at Raging Bay around the time Senel and Shirley came onboard the Legacy. He recalls an old legend stating that when a pillar of light rises, a new Merines shall appear. Senel claims this is merely a coincidence, and Will states he thought so too until he saw Shirley. He goes on to say that Merines means "Shining One", and that the Legacy was discovered only 15 years ago, as well as that it is shrouded in countless mysteries. Will confirms that if a descendant of the Merines were to appear, many would consider her a valuable asset.

Character Quests[]


The group comes to Lumen Spring at the request of Madame Musette to investigate the epicenter of the recent quakes. Norma Beatty realizes that this is the first time that all nine members of the group are traveling together, which includes Moses's partner Giet. Shirley is glad to be part of the team, although she is still nervous around Moses since she remembers how she got kidnapped by him when she and Senel first arrived on the Legacy. Along the way, Norma decides to test the Sorcerer's Scanner the group received from Isabella Robbins, and it works perfectly, as she finds both treasure and a rare monster.

When the group arrives at the shoreline, they seemingly find nothing of interest. Suddenly, another quake occurs, and an Egg Bear appears behind them. Black mist rises from its body and transforms into another monster, which merges to the first one and forces the group to fight it. After defeating it, the monster changes into its original form and suddenly rises from the ground. Moses and Giet attack it again, putting it down for good. More black mist rises from its body after another quake occurs. After Will examines the monster, he claims that it is one of the normal species of monsters found on the Legacy. Jay deduces that the black mist, the monsters, and the recent quakes all contain something in common. As the group returns to Werites Beacon, a mysterious shadow appears before Grune and disappears quickly. Grune believes she remembered something important in that moment, but somehow lost it.

Jay's Quest[]

During Jay's quest, the group comes for a relaxing picnic at the spring. Will and Harriet Campbell begin preparing lunch while Shirley and Grune plant seeds near the spring. After the group finishes eating, Moses notices Jay being unusually quiet. Pippo, Poppo, and Quppo comment about how Jay looks more lively now, thanks to Senel and the others. Moses also notices this and comments about how Jay looks more human than he did in the "old days", which triggers a series a bad memories for Jay. Prior to the events of the story, Jay underwent harsh training from his foster father in order to better himself and work for him.

Moses asks Harriet for some of her food when he notices Jay staring off again. Norma shows everyone a leaf, and Will realizes that it is the annual Star Festival this particular day. He explains that it is a time when people write their wishes on a leaf, and if they let it flow down rivers and streams, their wishes would come true. Senel believes that this is a way for people to entrust their wishes to Nerifes. Jay politely excuses himself and walks away while everyone else writes their wishes on nearby leaves. Jay secretly writes a wish of his own on a leaf. The Oresoren brothers attempt to convince Jay to join the others, but Jay states that because he is the only one who is different, it is hard for him to be around the others.