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The Lumina Draconis as it appears in Tales of Destiny (PSX).

The Lumina Draconis (ルミナ・ドラコニス Rumina Dorakonisu?) is a Flying Dragon in Tales of Destiny that belongs to the kingdom of Seinegald and is notable for being where Stahn Aileron begins his journey.


Like all Flying Dragons, the Lumina Draconis is a Lens-powered aeroship developed during the Aeth'er Wars era. Due to the large amount of the rare metal Belselium required to build Flying Dragons, manufacturing is minimal, with the Lumina Draconis being one of the only operating Flying Dragons in the game. At the beginning of the story, it is where Stahn is being cornered by Seinegaldian guards for being a stowaway on the aircraft. When a hoard of monsters attack the ship, Stahn uses the opportunity to escape, eventually making his way to a large storage room hiding the Swordian Dymlos. The sentient sword speaks to Stahn, which bewilders him, but he has no time to think and chooses to arm himself with Dymlos to fend off some aggressive monsters.

The Lumina Draconis as it appears in the PlayStation 2 remake of Tales of Destiny.

Afterward, Stahn briefly encounters a disguised Rutee Katrea and Mary Argent, the former of whom demands to know how Stahn acquired the rare Swordian. The altercation is cut short when the ship begins to malfunction, and Mary drags Rutee to one of the escape pods, a plan Stahn emulates as well. Ejected from the aircraft, Stahn plunges the escape pod into a frozen lake within the Phandarian region, truly beginning his journey. At some point after these events, the kingdom of Seinegald retrieves the damaged Lumina Draconis and repairs it, as the ship is what Lydon Bernhardt uses to flee with the Eye of Atamoni and lead the protagonists on a worldwide hunt in search for him.

Later in the story, Leon Magnus uses the Flying Dragon under orders from Hugo Gilchrist, and after Leon's canonical death, the group uses the ship to escape the collapsing Oberon facility, Libra IV. When the group attempts to penetrate the reviving Aethersphere, Dycroft's energy field rejects the Lumina Draconis, crash-landing it near Seinegald. After some repairs, the ship becomes the primary method of travel for the group, and after powering it with Belselium retrieved from Junkland, they become successful in infiltrating the aeropolis capital of Dycroft, confronting Kronos inside.