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Luna Rondo (ToV)

Luna Rondo as it appears in Tales of Vesperia.

Luna Rondo (円月 Engetsu?, "Circular Moon") is a recurring strike arte in Tales series.

Arte Description and History[]

Judith spins twice in a shroud of green energy, striking the target with her staff and knocking them down with the final hit. Alphen's version is blue-colored.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Vesperia[]

Japanese Description: 回転し範囲にいる敵を斬り裂く奥義。空中でのみ発動可能
Localized Description: "Arcane Arte: Spin and slash enemies within range. Executable only in midair."

Tales of Arise[]

Japanese Description: 前進しつつ回転斬りを放つ特技
Localized Description: "A spinning slash attack that propels the user forward."