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Lunar Requiem (ToG)

Lunar Requiem as it appears in Tales of Graces ƒ.

Lunar Requiem (白夜殲滅剣 Byakuya Senmetsuken?, "Midnight Light Annihilating Slash") is the second mystic arte obtained by Asbel Lhant in Tales of Graces.

Arte Description and History[]

When the arte is used, the scene turns into a dark moonlit scenery on a water surface as Asbel unleashes his sword from its sheath, slashing his enemies several times from different angles before slashing through them. While the scenery turns into black and white, he quickly returns his sword to its sheath and the image of a full moon explodes, with the enemies' silhouettes vanishing at the same time.


Original Titles

Crossover Titles



In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Graces[]

Japanese Description (Wii): LV2秘奥義。エレスライズ中にB+A。月夜の光とともに敵を粉砕する。[1]
Translated Description (Wii): "Level 2 Blast Caliber. Press B+A during Arles Rise. Pulverize your enemy beneath the light of the moonlit night."
Japanese Description (PS3): LV2秘奥義。エレスライズ中 、連携中にL1長押し。月夜の光とともに敵を粉砕する。

Japanese Quote: 終わらせてやる!閃く刃は勝利の証! 白夜殲滅剣!![2]
Romanized Quote: Owara sete yaru! Hirameku yaiba wa shouri no akashi! Byakuya Senmetsuken!!
Translated Quote: "I'll finish it! This flickering blade is proof of my victory! Byakuya Senmetsuken!!"[3]
Localized Quote: "It's over! Shining blade of triumph! Lunar Requiem!"

Alternate Japanese Quote: 白き月に閃く刃、最後の夜に名を刻め![4]
Alternate Romanized Quote: Shiroki tsuki ni hirameku yaiba, saigo no yoru ni na wo kizame!
Alternate Translated Quote: "O blade that glitters in the white moonlight, engrave your name upon the last night!"