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Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Height 6'0" / 185 cm
Race •Human (formerly)
Hellion (currently)
Occupation Assassin
Japanese Voice Actor Takehito Koyasu
English Voice Actor Austin Tindle (ToZtX)
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto

Lunarre (ルナール Runaaru?) is a major antagonist in Tales of Zestiria. His appearance in Elysia is the primary reason for Sorey's and Mikleo's journey. He is a member of the Scattered Bones.


Lunarre had always been a loner, living his life as a thief. Two years prior to the game, he attempted to steal from the Sparrowfeathers and was punished by them as a result. Even so, he came back, having taken a liking to the group, and eventually joined the Scattered Bones. While initially happy to finally have companions, over time he began to feel disgust towards the team's family-like bonds and began misbehaving, estranging himself from them.[1]

Lunarre follows Alisha Diphda to Elysia after the Scattered Bones receive the mission to kill her. He is unable to find her, however, and is noticed by Zenrus after entering his domain in Elysia. As a result, Zenrus sends out the seraphim of Elysia to find the intruder. Lunarre is attacked by Mason, but he kills and eats him. However, Lunarre is forced to flee when Zenrus and the other seraphim find him, and he recognizes that he must still pursue Alisha. Shortly after this, Lunarre appears in Ladylake outside of Alisha's mansion. He is noticed by a dog that chases him through the city, so Sorey and Mikleo follow the animal to find him in an alley. Lunarre battles and bests the duo, but is interrupted by the other members of the Scattered Bones who warn him that he has run out of second chances with his team, and cancel their mission to kill Alisha. The assassins then disappear with Lunarre.

Cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria.

Later in the story, Lunarre betrays the Scattered Bones and appears together with Symonne in Pendrago, where the duo had set a trap for the Shepherd's party. Having recently reawakened her resonance, Rose, the leader of the Scattered Bones, is finally able to see his hellion form. Lunarre battles the heroes, but disappears shortly after.

Lunarre's final appearance in the main scenario is once again in Pendrago. He convinces Rolance to frame the Scattered Bones for conspiring with Hyland to kill the late-Cardinal Forton as a pretense for war. As a result, the Rolance military arrests Eguille, Ayn Felice and Rosh, but with Eguille's help, Ayn Talfryn escapes and searches for help. Talfryn tells Rose of Lunarre's betrayal and that the other members of their family are in danger. Rose enters Pendrago alone in pursuit of Lunarre and attempts to flush him out over a period of days before he finally relents to facing her. The pair face off the night before the Scattered Bones' designated execution, and while Lunarre initially has the upper hand, Sorey and his companions intervene on Rose's behalf, buying her time to rescue her captive family before joining the fight once more. After the battle, Sorey attempts to purify Lunarre, only for the hellion to mock his efforts, knowing that he's beyond their saving. Understanding that he's the same as Forton, Rose stabs Lunarre with the intent to kill. Lunarre expresses his disgust towards Rose and the Scattered Bones, telling her that they make him "sick to death" as he gleefully envelops himself in blue flames, leaving nothing behind.

In Alisha's Story: The Strength of a Knight, it is revealed that Lunarre had actually survived the events at Pendrago. He appears alongside Symonne, who tricks Alisha into thinking that she can once again speak with Maltran, but leaves afterward. Symonne explains to Lunarre that they will go separate ways now because she wants to change her way of thinking, disappearing afterward. Lunarre, on the other hand, who is still deeply injured but recovered from Rose's attack three months prior, wants revenge. Lunarre does not appear further in the DLC chapter.

Appearance and Personality

Artwork for Tales of Asteria.

Lunarre's physical appearance resembles a fox: he has long pointy ears, amber eyes, a wide grin, and long light-brown hair with white tips tied in a ponytail. As a former member of the Scattered Bones, he wears a gray hooded vest over a black shirt tied with a brown belt, black and grey pants, and shoes on small heels. His forearms and legs below his knees are tied with brown ribbons. His skin is white, and he wears a flame-shaped necklace.

While his human form in never seen within the game, he is shown in both the manga and anime adaptations of the story, albeit with differing designs. In Tales of Zestiria the X, he has a scruffy, dark brown version of his trademark hairstyle which becomes a lighter shade at the tips, tied back into a short, messy ponytail. His eyes are black, and he lacks the pale skin, pointed ears, and facial markings of his hellion form. In Tales of Zestiria: A Time of Guidance, he appears somewhat closer to his hellion form, but lacks the ponytail and facial markings, and appears noticeably younger than the anime's take.

Personality-wise, Lunarre is a hellion obsessed with cannibalism, an action that makes him stronger. He also loves to cause havoc, which, in turn, gives birth to malevolence.

Despite his affiliation with the Scattered Bones, Lunarre possesses nothing but hostile feelings for them. While an accepted member of their family, he is repulsed by their bonds and considers their household to be fake. Lunarre has no loyalties to his team, willfully betraying their trust and offering them up to Rolance for his own profit. He seems to harbor particular aggression towards Rose, looking down on her as a murderer.

Fighting Style

Lunarre fights using his hands and employing Fire-elemental artes. His mystic arte is Sunburst Flare.

Other Appearances

Tales of Zestiria the X

Lunarre's human form in Tales of Zestiria the X.

Lunarre first appears in Tales of Zestiria the X during episode 0, "Age of Chaos," where he and several other members of the Scattered Bones attack Alisha and her company. He fights with the Princess, but she manages to defeat and unmask him. Rose orders Lunarre to withdraw, but he insists that he can still win. Suddenly, he transforms into a hellion right before the two women and disappears. Later, when Alisha is escaping from the black mist threatening Griel, a town she was investigating with her fellow soldiers, Lunarre appears and uses his newly-obtained hellion powers to set the scene of destruction on fire.

Lunarre from Tales of Zestiria the X.

He next appears in Elysia while pursuing Alisha. After injuring Mason, Lunarre does battle with Sorey and Mikleo, but is driven off when Zenrus arrives. The two boys follow him to Ladylake after reasoning that he was after Alisha's life, and they do battle once more. Lunarre informs the two that he no longer intends to hunt Alisha, but now plans to follow her, after finding her interesting and wishing to see how she fares against Rose, who accepted the job of killing the Princess.

Lunarre appears several times throughout the anime, though with a significantly minor role.

By the end of the series, Lunarre sacrifices his life to aid the heroes in reaching the Lord of Calamity, having become fond of them and wanting his life to matter. His body is found by both Ian and Shiller, and they provide him with a burial.



  • Lunarre's affinity for fire, and its often blue appearance, is a reference to the kitsunebi, an atmospheric ghost light associated with some kitsune legends.

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