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Madame Musette
Madame Musette (ToL).png
Appearance Tales of Legendia
Hometown Holy Rexalian Empire
Residences Werites Beacon
Age 60
Height 152 cm
Race Orerines
Occupation •Mayor of Werites Beacon
•Holy Sovereign of Rexalia
Japanese Voice Actor Haruko Kitahama
Character Designer Mikiko Ichinose

Madame Musette (ミュゼット Myuzetto?) is a supporting character in Tales of Legendia. She is the mayor of Werites Beacon, the central city and only permanent Orerines settlement aboard the Legacy.


Main Quest

Madame Musette first appears when Senel Coolidge was locked in the jail cell in Will Raynard's basement. Musette orders the release of Senel after seeing with his desire to save Shirley Fennes. She orders Will to go with Senel to the Misty Mountains and also gives him the job to find Chloe Valens while outside. Before leaving the city, Musette tells Senel to bring Shirley to house for tea. After the events in the Oresoren Village, Musette is in charge of taking care of Harriet Campbell while her father works to save the world.

After Senel and his friends escape by fleeing from the Automata, Jay and Will go to Mussete's house to speak with her. Musette, upon seeing the situation, struggles with the decision of going to war with the Ferines. The night before the final battle, Musette and Will meet at her house. Musette hopes to hear good news from Will and speaks on how he is respected by the other party members. After the party defeats the Raging Nerifes, Musette is seen shaking hands with Maurits Welnes in an attempt to make peace.

Character Quests

After the events of the Main Quest, Musette allowed Shirley to stay in her house, since Shirley and Senel decided to not live together. At the beginning of the character quest, Musette and Will sends Senel and Shirley to defeat a monster in the area. After returning, Musette wished to speak to Shirley about bringing the Ferines from the mainland onto the Legacy. After the party gets back together, Musette tells Ed Curtis and Isabella Robbins to send them to Falling Water to investigate the recent earthquakes.

Musette is seen a couple of times during the other character quests. During the beginning of Will's Character Quest, Musette is seen at her house while Senel and Shirley are telling Harriet to come down. She is also seen again at the beginning of Jay's Character Quest, when she calls the party to her house for a meeting. During the meeting she tells the party that ninjas have arrived on the Legacy. She sends Senel and the party to the Secret Passage to find out more info.

Musette appears at the end of Grune's Character Quest during the final confrontation when Schwartz sends clones of herself to attack her, Harriet, Curtis, and Isabella in front of Musette's house. When the party tries to use their Super Sacred Eres to stop Schwartz, Musette and the others get Sacred Eres and defeat the Schwartz clones. After defeating Schwartz, they go in front of Will's house to see the Summon Spirit, Celsius, awakening from her seed.

Appearance and Personality

Musette is an elderly woman with gray hair tied into a large bun, and wears a long, pink dress with a purple covering. She is a caring, grandmotherly figure who chooses to believe there is good in everybody. Musette has the maternal strength needed to hold the citizens of Werites Beacon together, and is often shown knitting and performing various other grandmother-like activities. She enjoys caring for the plants in her house.