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Game Tales of Berseria
Age Unknown
Height 160 cm
Race Human
Occupation Member of Magilou's Menagerie
Weapon Guardian
Japanese Voice Actor Satomi Satou
English Voice Actor Erica Lindbeck[1][2]
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Magilou (マギルゥ Magiruu?), full name Mazhigigika Miludin do Din Nolurun Dou (マジギギカ・ミルディン・ド・ディン・ノルルン・ドゥ Majigigika Mirudin do Din Norurun Du?), is a protagonist in Tales of Berseria. She is a mysterious woman who introduces herself as a "witch", deciding to accompany Velvet Crowe on her journey, though Magilou's true intentions are to locate someone who betrayed her. Later in the story, it is revealed that her true name is Magillanica Lou Mayvin (マギラニカ・ルゥ・メーヴィン Magiranika Ruu Meevin?).


Tired of Magilou's mistreatment toward him, Bienfu betrays his pact-sworn mistress to the Abbey, resulting in the organization breaking the pact, sending Magilou to Titania for "unlicensed witchcraft" and assigning the malak to Eleanor Hume. When Velvet escapes from the prison island with Seres's help, the malak woman opens the locks on the prison, releasing prisoners and inciting the riot, Magilou being among the rescued people. After Velvet defeats a Drake and harms Oscar Dragonia in her rage, Magilou arrives with Rokurou Rangetsu, and the three escape from the island into the stormy sea.

Appearance and Personality

Artwork for Tales of Link.

Magilou has long, platinum-blond hair and light skin. Her clothing is an eclectic mix of pink and blue, with hints of lavender, and resembles that of a court jester. Her skirt consists of books, each with a designated purpose. Magilou is the easygoing, and rather reckless at times, moodmaker of the group, which she manifests by telling convincing jokes that come at an edge of sinister and can turn other people's words into jokes, which tends to anger them. She tends to speak in alliterated phrases.

Ever quirky and silence-filling, Magilou serves as a comic relief in many of the game's more serious scenes. However, she also offers insightful comments capable of posing doubt or deep thought to others who normally shrug off her offhanded remarks. Although she acts aloof, Magilou is sharp and calculating, keeping her motives secret and her air mysterious. She clashes with Velvet due to the contrast in their personalities, but Velvet eventually comes to better understand Magilou's approach to situations despite its unconventionality. Magilou comes and goes as she pleases, accompanying the group when it benefits her but at the same time catering to their mission out of curiosity.

Fighting Style

Magilou uses Guardians (式紙 Shikigami?, "Ritual Paper") as her weapons. Her hidden artes provide her with slow but wide-ranging attacks that employ transformed Guardians. She excels in malak artes, focusing on Fire- and Water-elemental artes, as opposed to Eizen's focus on Wind- and Earth-elemental malak artes. She is also adept in healing in wide-encompassing areas with Healing Circle and Fairy Circle, the latter serving as her most potent. Her Break Soul is Spell Absorber, which allows her to drain enemy spells and then cast her own. Her mystic artes are Ascending Angel, a parody of Heavenly Bladewing, that expands her guardian to the heavens before dropping it on her target; Good Grip; and The Host of Forty-Nine. She also shares a dual mystic arte with Eleanor Hume known as Excelion Pierce.



Chibi Magilou.png
  • Magilou is a portmanteau of her true first and middle names: Magillanica and Lou.
  • Magilou's age is never specified, though the game's official World Guidance book indicates that she is somewhere in her late twenties. Being that she has a decade-long reputation as the "lost legate" of the Abbey, it can be inferred that Magilou is an adult with somewhat of a youthful appearance.
  • In Tales of Berseria, Magilou is the only playable character who is not fought by Velvet. Other characters are fought at least once.
  • Magilou is the only known character in Desolation to have pointy ears; neither other humans nor human-like malakhim have that trait.
  • In Tales of Zestiria the X, it is revealed that someone of the Mayvin family, hinted to having been Magilou, had told the royal family of Rolance about the existence of malevolence, as well as the events of Tales of Berseria. This story was then passed down throughout the ages of the royal family.


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