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Magitechnology (魔科学 Makagaku?, "Magic Science"), also known as Magitech, is the result of using mana to power technology, often combining magic into the mix. It is almost always used as a sign of technological progress, but there are is often an environmental lesson involved about the abuse of such advances.


Tales of Phantasia

Magitech is the result of combining magic with technology. Developed mainly in Midgards in the past, it draws on mana to allow even humans to perform magical feats. Though Midgards officially prohibited entry of elves into its country, Brambert Milene reveals that they secretly allowed half-elves in as scientists, as no pure-blooded elf would help humans mess with magic. Unfortunately, its development causes a massive increase in mana use, which the Great Tree Yggdrasill cannot compete with. Dhaos, seeing this, attempts to wage a war against Midgards to stop its spread. Unfortunately, he is defeated by Edward D. Morrison and his group, and the overuse of mana subsequently kills Yggdrasill, leaving magitech, mana, and magic all but unknown in the present.

By traveling to the past, however, Cress Albane and Mint Adenade change the course of history. They first discover that Rhea Scarlet and the village of Hamel were razed because of the Scarlets' association with magitech. They also see it and its feats firsthand in Midgards, as they witness Midgards's magitech weapon firing on Dhaos' soldiers. The weapon breaks immediately after, but the damage is done; the blow nearly kills Yggdrasill, and Martel laments it. After Cress and his party sent Dhaos fleeing into the future, they decide to save Yggdrasill.

By gathering the power of the unicorn, Mint heals the tree so that it is strong to survive into the present and even the future. Despite the fact that magitech flourishes in the future, though once more Dhaos attempts to halt its progress, Yggdrasill is still healthy. It is with magitech's as well as the Spirit Volt's help at Euclid that the party is able to traverse the world on Techbirds, unfearful of Dhaos' control of the sea. Though Yggdrasill is now healed, the party still does not entirely trust that mana overdraw would not happen again. To allow Dhaos the Mana Seed he so desired, Mint creates a barrier around Yggdrasill that prevents too much mana from being drawn from it, thinking of magitech in particular.

Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

As magitech once destroyed Aselia's Great Tree, so did it Derris Karran's Great Tree Kharlan. In particular, Meltia Bandi created a Magitech weapon for use between two countries. After Dios Bandi's father falls in battle at the resolution of the war, he orders Dios to fire the weapon. Dios complies, and the weapon's use of mana kills the Great Tree and spurs Dhaos' quest for a mana seed in Tales of Phantasia.

Tales of Symphonia

Magitechnology is mentioned to have been discovered in the age prior to the Kharlan War. Using these machines allowed miraculous progress of these ancient civilizations, but they needed mana in overabundance to function, which negatively affected the Giant Kharlan Tree. There are some ruins lying around as proof of this technology, like the components of Triet Ruins, or the Tower of Mana. The expansion of magitechnology eventually lead to open conflict among the countries of the world, resulting in the death of the Giant Kharlan Tree.

The loss of the tree meant that there was no more overabundance of mana in the world, so magitechnology grinded to a halt after the war. In all of this appears the figure of Mithos. One of the most influential reasons he had for dividing the world in two was that in the cycle of declining and flourishing Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, neither of the two worlds would be capable of reaching the cultural development needed for creating magitechnology before it was sent into decline. Also, the mana of the world was made scarcer as a result of dividing mana for two worlds, so there was never any progress in the study of mana as a whole.

The only exception in the millenia of the divided worlds occurs on Tethe'alla during the time of Tales of Symphonia, since many various Chosens in Sylvarant have failed one after the other due to interference from the Renegades on the Chosens's journeys to unlock the mana links of their world. Because of this, Tethe'alla started to experiment with mana and summon spirits as a result. Other uses of magitechnology are mostly shown in the hands of the Desians, Cruxis, and the Renegades. One example of this is the mana reactor existing in the Iselia Human Ranch. The most widely known machine of magitechnology is the Mana Cannon, the massive weapon used in the Kharlan War and reconstructed by Rodyle. Another example are the Rheairds used primarily by the Renegades and the party in the story.

Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology

Magitechology has been introduced in the Gavada region of Terresia with the help of Aurora. Doing so has greatly improved the quality of life in the region, allowing almost all of the inhabitants to simply not work. The population's dependence on magitechnology also drives away the Ad Libitum chapter in Gavada, as they are seen as archaic and against these changes, particularly scientist Harold Berselius. Unfortunately, Aurora is a Descender who willingly gave up her world to Widdershin and Gilgulim, and her introduction of magitechnology has drained so much mana from the area that it weakened the roots of the World Tree in the area as a result, making it easier for Gilgulim to devour the world. When word gets out and magitechnology is finally banned, the citizens who once depended on magitechnology and spurned Ad Libitum now found themselves relying on the very same guild to help them through their hardships, which Ad Libitum does without rancor.