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Magnius (ToCE)
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Residences Palmacosta Human Ranch
Race Half-elf
Occupation Desian Grand Cardinal
Weapon Battleaxe
Japanese Voice Actor Shinji Kawada
English Voice Actor Chris Edgerly

Magnius the Pyroclasm (マグニス Magunisu?, "Magnis") is an antagonist in Tales of Symphonia and one of the Desian Grand Cardinals. He is in charge of the Palmacosta Human Ranch.



Prior to the story, Magnius killed the previous governor-general, Dorr's father, and infected Dorr's wife with a seed that mutated her into a monster. As Dorr was next in line to become the new governor-general, he and Magnius made a deal: Dorr would unofficially stop fighting the Desians and periodically give the Human Ranch a large amount of Gald, in order to obtain the medicine needed to cure his wife. However, no such medicine existed.

Palmacosta Execution[]

The party first meets Magnius when they return to Palmacosta after meeting with Koton, only to find an execution underway. The victim is Chocolat's mother Cacao, being punished for Chocolat's defiance and unwillingness to sell supplies to the Desians. Against Raine Sage's advice, for fear of a "second Iselia", the party outwardly defies Magnius and rescues Chocolat's mother. Confirming that the offender is the wanted criminal, Lloyd Irving, Magnius rejoices, as his capture would lead to Magnius's promotion to leader of the Grand Cardinals. Magnius orders his men to capture the party while he himself teleports back to his ranch because of an injury. The party fends off the Desians and reunites Chocolat with her mother.

The Ranch and Chocolat's Rescue[]

While the party is continuing their journey, Magnius contacts Dorr and makes a plan to trap both Lloyd and the Chosen Colette Brunel. After making the plan, Magnius's troops take pilgrimage travelers prisoners, in which the guide is none other than Chocolat. However, the group is already aware of Dorr's cooperation with the Desians when they infiltrate the ranch. Once inside, the party eventually finds Chocolat and rescues her, along with all the other prisoners. Arriving at the control room, the party is confronted by Magnius, who proceeds to tell Chocolat the fate of her grandmother, Marble, whom he states was killed by Lloyd. Chocolat is overtaken by rage, and in her confusion is captured again by the Desians. The party engages Magnius in battle, and succeeds in defeating him.


At his verge of death, Kratos Aurion approaches Magnius and tells him that he is a fool, and that the Chosen is accepted by Cruxis, and shall thus not be killed. Hearing this, Magnius realizes that he has been fooled by Rodyle into thinking that the Chosen was actually going to be killed. After Raine activates the self-destruction of the ranch and the party hurries out, Magnius tries to contact Forcystus of the Iselia Human Ranch and warn him, but is cut off by a hologram of Rodyle who thanks him for the Gald and information he has provided him. Just before he dies, Magnius glorifies Yggdrasil's "Age of Half-Elves".

Appearance and Personality[]

Magnius Model

Game model in Tales of Symphonia.

Magnius is a well-built, half-elven man with long, red hair that he keeps in a ponytail. He has several scars on his face that accompany his default scowl. He wears a purple vest that exposes his chest and arms and silver, mechanical-like bracelets on his wrists. His pants are black with a red, wavy design on the sides, while his boots are silver and pointed upward at the ends. Magnius has a hot-tempered personality, flying into a murderous rage whenever someone acts against him, as seen when a human does not refer him as "Lord Magnius" and a child throws a stone at him. He is also slightly sadistic, finding amusement in seeing Chocolat defy Lloyd for something over which he had little to no control.

Fighting Style[]

As a Desian Grand Cardinal, Magnius is a formidable opponent. He fights alongside two Desian Foot-Soldiers who act as crowd-control support. Magnius himself is armed with a heavy axe and shield, designed for brute-power attacks. Being a half-elf, Magnius also makes use of powerful Fire magic, using Eruption, Flame Lance, and Fireball. His axe and shield grant him access to Beast, as well as two exclusive moves available only to him, Hell Axe, where he charges his axe with flame before slashing down with fire trailing his blade and causing a small explosion, and Hell Hound, a move that grabs the target with the shield and blows it away with a mini-explosion, dealing massive damage. In the PS2 port of the game, he gains a new arcane arte called Destructive Raid, in which he slices through an enemy and causes energy to rise from the cracked ground behind him.

Other Appearances[]

Chibi Magnius

Chibi artwork.

Tales of Symphonia Manga[]

Magnius has a smaller role in the Tales of Symphonia manga, though has a slightly bigger moment than in the game. Instead of fighting the group in his Human Ranch, he confronts them after the Seal of Wind in the Balacruf Mausoleum. When he sees that Genis Sage and his sister Raine are half-elves like him, he tells the heroes this, as they always thought they were pure-blooded elves. Stating that it is not right for the siblings to be on the good side, he offers them to switch over to him. However, they decline his offer, and he fights them. He is eventually killed by Raine's spell.

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation[]

Magnius only made a quick appearance in the second episode in Tales of Symphonia: The Animation, where he, like in the manga, is seen outside the Balacruf Mausoleum with his soldiers. However, he only camps there to wait for the group to go outside, until Colette uses an angelic hymn to weaken them. Magnius is the only one of the Desians to pull it through without passing out, but when he manages to get inside the building, the group has already escaped. In the third episode, he is briefly mentioned by Pronyma as she recalls all the Grand Cardinals who have lost against the group of humans.

Dramatic DVD: Symphonia Academy[]

Although not present, Magnius is a pupil of Raine's in the pre-order bonus of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. However, another boy confirms Magnius's absence when Raine calls him in class, stating that he went to the Human Ranch. As Raine says that it cannot be helped, it is possible that Magnius often skips class to go there, and might even have permission to do so.