Game Tales of Berseria
Hometown Haria
Race •Human (former)
Daemon (current)

Mahina (マヒナ Mahina?) is a character in Tales of Berseria. She is a devout priestess of Amenoch, and the mother of Kamoana, who is receptive to Innominat's power and therefore used by the Abbey in their plan to revive the Empyrean.


Kamoana was raised by her single mother, Mahina. Mahina was a priestess of the Water Empyrean, Amenoch, and Kamoana grew as her heiress. After the Abbey took over and claimed Amenoch's temple as their own, Kamoana's future was stolen from her. Ever since then, her mother persistently demanded the Abbey to hear her objections, but one day, Mahina never returned. Wanting her mother back, Kamoana set off to find Mahina, but was soon captured by an exorcist, who noticed she was receptive to the power of the fifth Empyrean, Innominat, whom he and the rest of the Abbey serve. Without hesitation, the exorcist dragged Kamoana into Palamides Temple and forcefully turned her into a therion. When Mahina learned of this, she was finally pushed over the edge; her rage and hatred toward the Abbey for harming her daughter turned her into a daemon as she set out in search of Kamoana.

When Velvet Crowe's group goes to investigate the Palamides Temple, they fight the daemonized Mahina single-handedly slaughtering the exorcists inside. Eleanor Hume believes that the Mahina everyone once knew was gone, and that the only thing she can do to honor Mahina is to kill her. Before the second confrontation with the daemon, they find a tree therion, though they are unaware who it actually is, and manage to subdue it. When Mahina arrives, Eleanor takes the opportunity and strikes her down. Severely wounded, Mahina slowly walks toward the hungry therion, who jumps onto Mahina and quickly devours her. Mahina's last words are apologizing to her daughter, Kamoana. Defeated, the therion reverts to a humanoid form, revealed to be Kamoana, the priestess's daughter, and cries for her "missing" mother. Velvet decides to take her with them while they attempt to uncover the truth behind the Abbey imprisoning daemons in certain places.

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