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Makina (ToCrestoria).png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Height 3'11" / 120 cm
Race Enforcer
Occupation Administrator of World Order
Weapon Wrecking Ball
Japanese Voice Actor Aoi Yuki
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Makina (マキナ?, "Machina") is a major antagonist from Tales of Crestoria. She is a little girl who is the commander of the enforcers, chasing after Kanata Hjuger and his party with incredibly strong intent of killing them.


The first hints of Makina's true nature are shown in the castle of Kingdom of Medagal, where King Gadel is conversing with twin scientists Assid and Forte about some experiment. Eleanor Hume is also assigned an observator duty over her. Makina's first appearance is in the Nation of Sin where she manages to tear open the barrier that hides and protects transgressors' haven and along with faceless enforcers. During her conversation with Kanata and his allies, she reveals she is not exactly a human but a creation made of the energy produced by people when their pleas for condemnation reach large amounts. With the help of other enforcers, Makina starts killing criminals, stating that it is what people want. As the Nation of Sin slowly ceases its existence, Kanata and his allies fight Makina and win, an experience that shocks the enforcer girl. She then disappears, but not before promising to return and finish what she started. Eleanor, who has watched over her during the massacre, retreats to Medagal to report her findings.

Appearance and Personality

Makina has an appearance of a 10 year-old girl, having long silver-white hair tied in two ponytail on the sides of her head and quite large azure eyes. She wears a short pink dress, a white coat, and an overly large pink ribbon that is quite loosely tied around her neck. Her ensemble completes a large enforcer coat with rabbit-like ears with azure tips on the hood.

Despite her young and innocent appearance and childish attitude, Makina is surprisingly cruel and sadistic. Due to her implied nature of being formed from fervent pleas for condemnation of certain truly horrific crimes, she also possesses a penchant for bloodlust, and a philosophy of transgressors "naturally" becoming bad people. Because of this, she does not truly understand the concept of love. In one of her Character Episodes, she kills a transgressor before he could save his poisoned mother. In another episode, after killing another transgressor by the name of Monica, she refuses to kill her friend Winn who asks her to, simply because he was not deemed a transgressor, therefore, not a bad person. Even after seeing Winn jump off a cliff and fall to his death in response, she still fails to understand, claiming that "thinking is not her job, only killing". It can be speculated that all enforcers have the same mindset as Makina, but she stands out from the average enforcer via her habit of "playing" with her victims.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Crestoria.

Makina relies on her puppet-like ball with chain to deliver hits to her foes on her behalf, akin to a flail. In Japanese, her artes are all written with hiragana, while English localization, her artes have baby-like names; both symbolize her "innocent" charm.


  • The official English site initially stated that her name was localized as "Machina". However it has since been corrected.