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Malcolm Sloat
Malcolm Sloat.png
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Residences Malcolm's Manor
Race Human
Occupation Scientist

Malcolm Sloat (マーズ・スロート Maazu Surooto?, "Mars Sloat") is a minor antagonist in Tales of Crestoria. He is a scientist that performs immoral experiments.


For some time, Malcolm was experimenting in soul transference between humans and monsters hidden from human eyes, but with very little success. At some point while searching for more test subjects for his experiments, he comes across a village where Emil Castagnier lives. The settlement is struck with a plague, including the boy. Seeing that Emil shows promise in regards to his experiments, he poses as a mage and takes him away, saying that he will heal him. In reality, Malcolm starts to fuse various monster souls into Emil that eventually give birth to Ratatosk, another soul within Emil's body. Later Emil and Ratatosk escape, but this only strengthens the scientist's resolve in continuing his soul transference research. He also starts using transgressors in his experiments since they are doomed to die anyway. Some time later he appears to come by a purple-haired girl, but what he has done to her is unknown. He also purchases a human and monster from Cody Hjuger, transferring Mibaru's soul into the body of the monster he slew.

Malcolm is confronted by Kanata Hjuger, Misella, Aegis Alver, and Yuna Azetta while helping Yuna in her search for Genitz. He explains his reasons for experiments saying that humans do not get to choose the body in which they are born, and he intends to help those people with his research. However the group deems him beyond saving, with Kanata killing him. As he does, Malcolm suggests that it is not the end of him, but it seems that the group does not hear his final words.

Appearance and Personality

Malcolm can be easily described as "mad scientist", but with a rather decent composure. He will stop at nothing to fulfill his objectives, having no respect for the nature and its laws. He is so disregarding of human life, having killed many in his experiments, that Kanata compares him to his father, Cody.