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Malign Gravity (クルーアル・グラヴィティ Kuruuaru Guraviti?, "Cruel Gravity") is a linked mystic arte used by Ludger Will Kresnik and Muzét in Tales of Xillia 2.

Arte Description and History[]

In the manner of blowing a kiss, Muzét sends out a small orb of energy to Ludger, which he uses to empower his swords. Muzét strikes the target with her hair, and Ludger follows through with swift slashes from his empowered swords before jumping into the air. Muzét meets with him midair, and they both form a large magic sword together before slamming it down on the target, causing an intense well of energy that explodes shortly afterward.


Original Titles

In-Game Descriptions and Battle Quotes[]

Tales of Xillia 2[]

Japanese Quote:

Muzét: やっちゃいましょう!思いっきり激しくお願い!
Ludger: うおおおお!!
Muzét: 最後は一緒に!
Both: クルーアル・グラヴィティ!!

Romanized Quote:

Muzét: Yacchaimashou! Omoikirri! Hageshiku onegai!
Ludger: Uoooo!!
Muzét: Saigo wa issho ni!
Both: Kuruuaruguraviti!!

Translated Quote:

Muzét: "Let's do it! With all your might! Furiously, please!"
Ludger: "Uoooo!!"
Muzét: "Let's end it together!"
Both: "Cruel Gravity!!"

Localized Quote:

Muzét: "Begone! Give 'em hell! And don't hold back!"
Ludger: "Haaaa!!"
Muzét: "Together now!"
Both: "Malignant Gravity!!"