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The Malkuth Empire (マルクト帝国 Marukuto Teikoku?), often simply referred to as Malkuth (マルクト Marukuto?), is a significant country in Tales of the Abyss. Malkuth is a large, varied nation with a strong infrastructure through farming and trade, supplemented with a focus on the use of fonic artes to achieve a higher standard of living. The country's emblem consists of a harp.


Malkuthian territory is comprised of the northern half of Rugnica, the northern continent of Sylvana, and the Ispanian Peninsula. Its Rugnican territory is where its capital, Grand Chokmah lies, at its northern tip, and it is home to the towns of Engeve and St. Binah, as well as the woodland areas known as the Cheagle Woods and Theor Forest. Shurrey Hill houses a Sephiroth Tree on the continent's western side, whereas the Fubras River divides the continent in half directly above the border town Kaitzur. Although Malkuth owns the entirety of the Sylvanian continent, only a small portion of the snowy continent is inhabited: Keterburg and Keterburg Bay. The dangerous Mt. Roneal separates the continent and contains a mysterious area known as Nebilim's Crag. The Ispanian Peninsula is connected to Malkuth's northern half of Rugnica through Rotelro Bridge and contains no other areas of interest besides Tataroo Valley. The peninsula is connected to the western, desert region of Aberria, which is autonomous.


Malkuth Skit (ToF2)

Malkuth soldier skit image in Tales of Fandom Vol.2.

Malkuth began as a republic, declaring its independence from the kingdom of Kimlasca in N.D. 0468, and provided the original territory from which the Order of Lorelei came to hold under its dominion prior to the founding of the country of Daath. This enabled Malkuth to use the sympathetic Order as a shield of protection against enemy retaliation. Malkuth quickly grew to conquer much of the northern hemisphere of Auldrant, leading to frequent conflict with Kimlasca and the decline of all other remaining nations, as both countries came to dominate most of the populated world.


  • Malkuth is one of several names in the game derived from the sephirot of Hebrew tradition; the sephirah Malkuth refers to kingship.