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Mamut (ToI).png
Game Tales of Innocence
World Naraka
Region Northern

Mamut (マムート Mamuuto?) is an independent merchant city in Tales of Innocence.


Mamut serves as the border between the countries of Regnum and Tenos and is the world's largest commercial city. Just northeast of the city lies the Remlace Marsh, which is located south of the Northern Battlefield. Like all major cities, Mamut is located near the sea and serves as a cornerstone of world trade.


Mamut governs under a jurisdiction of unwritten rules that it belongs to neither Regnum nor Tenos due to past problems involving the territory. Due to the tension between the two countries, trade and travel is redirected through Mamut in order to avoid further conflict. However, because of the disputes between the countries, as well as the nearby battlefield, wounded soldiers are frequently sent to Mamut's hospital. Commerce in the city flourishes because of its cheap tax and is said to be a place where people all over the world gather. The people there speak with an accent similar to Hermana Larmo's, albeit subtly different. When Hermana considers the fact that her parents were traveling merchants, she seems to acknowledge that they may have been from Mamut. The group passes through the merchant city on their way to Tenos.