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The Man Eating Ruins (人食い遺跡 Hito-gui Iseki?) are a dungeon location in Tales of Legendia, located north of Maurits's Hermitage. The ruins were formerly located on a island; however, after Vaclav Bolud lifted the Bridge, the ruins connected to the land.


The Man Eating Ruins is a large tomb with similar architecture to the Waterways. The ruins are known by many throughout the world due to the treasures guarded by incredibly-powerful monsters and traps inside. Subsequently, the area is famous among treasure hunters who are aware of its dangers. The ruins are the home to the "Mimic Bed", a bed-shaped creature that turns its victims into stone statues. The ruins also contain the legendary Automata, powerful machines that were used during the era of the Kingdom of Terises, and the "Whisper Crystal", which is used to control them.


Main Quest[]

After the search party led by Walter Delques fails to obtain the Whisper Crystal within the ruins, Senel Coolidge and his companions travel to the Man Eating Ruins at the request of Maurits Welnes. While traveling, the group arrives in a room with a giant bed in the center, surrounded by many stone statues. Norma Beatty then lets her guard down and decides to sleep on the bed. Senel begins to notice that bed is not normal and pulls her out. The "Mimic Bed" and a "Diva" suddenly attack the group but are defeated. After slaying the monsters, the group proceeds into the next room and finds the Whisper Crystal. After obtaining it, they discover a woman named Grune sleeping. Recognizing that Grune has amnesia, the group decides to take her with them. While the group is leaving the ruins, they are attacked by Vaclav's soldiers, but the soldiers are struck down by one of the Automata. The group, wondering what the machine is, decides to return to Maurits's Hermitage in the meantime.

Character Quests[]

During the events of Norma's Character Quest, the group returns to the Man Eating Ruins to find the legendary Everlight. While traveling, Norma attempts to deactivate the traps in the ruins, but she accidentally triggers them on Moses Sandor. In the final room, Norma causes another trap to send a "Mindflayer" and "Bloody Bed" to attack the group. After defeating the monsters, the group realizes their search has no cause, and they return to Werites Beacon.