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Ruca Milda and Illia Animi with the Manifest at the end of Tales of Innocence.

The Manifest (創世力 Souseiryoku?, "Power of Creation") is an object capable of granting any wish in Tales of Innocence. It was created by the Primeval Giant and has since become desired by those who seek to use its power.


Being created by the Primeval Giant, the Manifest is imbued with the will of the Giant: "Two shall stand before the Giant in devotion and faith, yet a single soul shall inherent his power". The god Cerberus was created from the breath of deities in order to serve as the guardian of the Manifest for all eternity. Each time Cerberus dies, he is reborn in the same place as the Manifest time and time again, and as such, becomes lonely and bored. Long before the events of the story, the Sensus general Asura made a deal with Cerberus that, if he should defeat the opposing Ratio, Cerberus would bestow upon him the Manifest to do with as he pleases.

When Asura overcomes this trial, he visits Cerberus to retrieve the Manifest. Although Cerberus is sad to forfeit the artifact, having enjoyed chewing on and playing with it, he gives it to Asura and explains the Giant's instructions before Asura leaves. Sian Tenebro later states that many challenged Cerberus for possession of the Manifest and were killed. Asura, however, approached Cerberus with no weapon. When Asura prepares to use the Manifest to reunite the worlds of Devaloka and Naraka, Inanna betrays and stabs him out of her loyalty to Ratio. Asura then breaks Durandal, which Inanna used to stab him, and stabs her in return, killing her before dying himself. As a result, the world unification was left unfinished, as both their wishes were fulfilled by the Manifest's power.

Asura wished for the worlds to be reunited, but Inanna wished otherwise, joining the two but not entirely fusing them, which formed a rift in the natural order of things. During the story, the Manifest is sought by many, but its location remains hidden within Sky Castle. When Mathias learns of this, she travels there to obtain it, prompting the group to pursue her. However, she manages to steal the Manifest and take it with her to the Tower of Dawn. There, unwilling to convince Thitose Cxarma to kill her in order to activate the Manifest and destroy the "rotten" world, Mathias fights the group and is defeated. After her death, Thitose kills herself out of despair, leaving the group to use the Manifest to reunite the worlds and restore peace to the land.