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Maotelus (ToB).png
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Tales of Berseria
Age •1,000+ (ToZ)
•10 (ToB)
Race Dragon
Occupation Leader of the Five Lords
Japanese Voice Actor Azumi Asakura
English Voice Actor Amber Connor[1]

Maotelus (マオテラス Maoterasu?) is a character in Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Berseria. He is known as the "Dragon of Light", the leader of the Five Lords, and the protector of humankind.


Tales of Berseria

Maotelus is the true name of Laphicet, a young malak who was born in the Opening in the first seen Scarlet Night in Tales of Berseria. Maotelus is a part of Innominat, the nameless Empyrean and wielder of the "Silver Flame" that is able to purify daemons. Maotelus is the part of Innominat that is capable of wielding the Silver Flame.

When Innominat is sealed away by Velvet Crowe, Laphicet decides to take his place so he can avert the great catastrophes that would occur due to the powers of the four elemental Empyreans clashing. When he makes the oath to become an Empyrean, Laphicet transforms into the Dragon of Light and claims the land itself, as well as the earthpulse for himself so he can spread his blessing all over the world. As an Empyrean, he does not wish to be called by the name Velvet gave him, but instead wants humankind to know him by the name Eleanor Hume gave him as his vessel: Maotelus.

Tales of Zestiria

At some point during next thousand years, Maotelus moved from The Empyrean's Throne to the Pendrago Shrinechurch, where he gathered numerous Shepherds and gave them the Silver Flame, so that they will be able to defeat and purify daemons, now known as hellions. However, at least twenty years before Tales of Zestiria takes place, the Shepherd at the time, Michael, brought Maotelus back to the Empyrean's Throne, now known as Artorius's Throne. Camlann, a village near Artorius's Throne that was founded by Michael, was inhabited by humans with high resonance who could see Maotelus and worship him.

However, because Camlann was strategically located, Rolancian troops occupied the village under General Georg Heldalf, under the pretense of protection from Hyland, ironically causing friction between the nations. Furthermore, the soldiers were stationed in Artorius's Throne, angering Maotelus, of whose presence they were unaware. When Hyland eventually sent forces to raid Camlann, however, Heldalf withdrew his troops and abandoned the village to its fate. Muse, Michael's sister, escaped and went to Artorius's Throne to beg for help, and Michael, having learned that Heldalf had abandoned the village, followed her, only to find the temple set ablaze by Hylander troops. Lying on the ground, separated from her son, Mikleo, Muse implored Michael to save the child. Though he was able to reach Mikleo through the flames, he discovered that both the baby and Maotelus had become hellions. Succumbing to his anger and wishing for Heldalf to suffer for what he had done, Michael approached Maotelus' altar and offered his nephew as a sacrifice, cursing Heldalf to a life of eternal solitude, condemning him to live forever in a hell of his own making. This curse would eventually cause Heldalf to become the Lord of Calamity.

Maotelus himself was sealed away in Camlann by Muse, who made an oath in order to prevent the malevolence Maotelus was pouring out from reaching Elysia. However, in the bad ending, which is achieved by defeating Heldalf before gathering all four spiritual powers, it is hinted that Maotelus escapes Camlann. Since Maotelus is connected to the earthpulse and, as such, to the complete continent of Glenwood, Muse's oath was nothing but a small move to get more time in hope that one day a new shepherd would purify Maotelus.

Maotelus does not appear until after the final battle against Heldalf, but he is mentioned by Zaveid, one of Maotelus's former acquaintances from when he was still Laphicet, who senses Maotelus's domain while fighting against Heldalf in Aifread's Hunting Grounds. Afterward, Zaveid is sure that Maotelus and Heldalf are connected. In the second phase of the final battle at Artorius's Throne, Heldalf armatizes with Maotelus. Sorey manages to sever the bond between Maotelus and Heldalf with the help of "Siegfried" and his four seraph companions and end the armatus. Afterward, Sorey defeats and kills Heldalf and is protected by the four seraphim when Heldalf's malevolence tries to approach him. Sorey then approaches Maotelus and becomes his new vessel, so that he can connect himself with the continent of Glenwood and increase the resonance of the people by sealing his own senses away. As such, he wishes to create more Squires who can act as Shepherds and purify the land itself to help purify Maotelus.

Appearances in Other Media

Tales of Zestiria the X

In Tales of Zestiria the X, Despite becoming a hellion, Maotelus manages to keep his senses and sanity intact. He lectures Heldalf for his ways that ended up what they are now, only for him to be knocked down by the Lord of Calamity. He is saved at the last minute when Sorey, Rose, and Alisha Diphda arrive to defeat Heldalf.


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