Aselia Wiki
Marble Model
Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Hometown Palmacosta
Residences Iselia Human Ranch
Race Human

Marble (マーブル Maaburu?) is a minor supporting character in Tales of Symphonia.



Some time before the story started, Marble opened the item shop "Marble's" in Palmacosta and has since then run it together with the family, her daughter Cacao and her husband, as well as her granddaughter, Chocolat, who she was very close to. Between this and the start of the story, she was taken by the Desians for openly opposing them, and was eventually taken to Iselia Human Ranch. There, she was given an Exsphere and forced to work. Not long before the present storyline, Marble somehow met Genis Sage while he was sneaking around outside the ranch. They got along well, and they managed to meet each other in secret without the guards knowing, in which Genis often would give Marble his lunch.

Evolution and Death[]

After the "Oracle" arrived in the present, Genis decided to sneak to Marble to tell her about it. He ends up telling about her to Lloyd Irving, his best friend and the main character of the game. When Marble meets Lloyd, he tells her about the danger about wearing an Exsphere without a Key Crest, and might offer to give her one depending on the choice the player makes. However, just then, the guards discover her and ask her what she is doing, and Marble tells the boys to hide before the guard spots them, too. Because of her disobedience, she is taken away and whipped for punishment. She is eventually saved by Lloyd and Genis, and her fellow prisoners help her to get away from more punishment. Unknown to her, it was to save her that Lloyd got spotted on one of the cameras in the ranch, which make the Desians assault Iselia.

The morning afterward, Marble's Exsphere is forcefully removed, and without a Key Crest, the mana in her body goes out of control, and she becomes a monster. Forcystus, the leader of Iselia Human Ranch, uses Marble to punish Lloyd for entering the ranch, as well as to see if Lloyd really uses an Exsphere from the Angelus Project. Without knowing who the monster really is, Lloyd and Genis fight her. After Marble's defeat, Forcystus plans to take Lloyd's Exsphere by force, but as he is about to explain Lloyd's mother's cause of death, Marble, still in her monster form, takes a hold on Forcystus from behind and tells Lloyd and Genis to run. As her last words, she said she loved Genis as if he was her grandson, before she kills herself in an explosion to take down Forcystus. Forcystus survives, though heavily injured. All that is left of Marble is her Exsphere that Genis uses throughout the story.

After Death[]

Throughout the rest of the story, Marble is often mentioned by her living family members. Genis and Lloyd are also remembering her, and the fact that he was unable to save Marble causes him to get depressive whenever he kills an innocent person. Marble might also be the reason that Genis hesitates so much defeating Mithos.

Fighting Style[]

As a human, Marble is not capable of fighting. However, when she transforms into a monster, she is embedded with power and becomes the second boss Lloyd faces. She is able to use her long arm to hit enemies from a distance and use a few artes, most of them involve her bursting out mana or using her arm.