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Marcus Grimm
Marcus Grimm.jpg
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Residences Heimdallr
Age 23
Height 180 cm
Weight 69 kg
Race Mirrite
Occupation Commander of the Salvation Front
Weapon Great Sword, Gun
Japanese Voice Actor Hiroaki Miura

Marcus Grimm (マーク・グランプ Maaku Guranpu?, "Mark Grump") is a character in Tales of the Rays.


Marcus was exoflected as a mirrite to Phillip Reston. He later joins the ranks of the Salvation Front, but after Phillip becomes ill and the other leader, Freisel is assassinated by Phantom, he takes up the role of managing it along with Phantom himself.

During a trip on a Salvation Front ship, Marcus notices Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss floating in the ocean. He quickly jumps after them, rescues them and takes to a town in Sellund. He stays with them for the next several days, keeping his eye on them and making sure they get proper treatment. In chapter 4, after Ix successfully seals the shimmera glass, Marcus appears and attacks the party. The young mirrist is surprised by the other man's behavior, considering his kindness he showed several weeks prior.

Once it is revealed that Marcus is Phillip's mirrite, he admits to Ix and Mileena that the reason he wanted to kill them was to stop Phillip from suffering, since he could feel how much pain they gave him by existing.

Mirrage Prison

By the time Mirrage Prison rolls around, Marcus has mellowed out and no longer desires to kill Ix and Mileena. He manages the Salvation Front with Phillip, and they assist Mileena's group when they can.

Appearance and Personality

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Marcus is a tall, gruff man with short, shaved red hair, a green coat with white accents on it, blue pants and a red shield on his left arm.

At first, Marcus is rather hostile towards Ix and Mileena, despite having saved them. This is due to how they affect Phillip's feelings, and he doesn't want to see his master suffer anymore. Once he mellows out, he becomes kind to them once again. Marcus has a soft-spot for his fellow Salvation Front members, even attempting to cheer Sync up on multiple occasions, and he gets called "the mother of the Salvation Front" at one point for how he treats everyone. He's also very good at negotiating, getting even Barbatos Goetia to join their ranks, and has good organizational skills.

Fighting Style

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Using a special weapon that is a mix of a gun and a great sword, Marcus shows mastery in both long-distance and melee fighting, further exhibiting his lengthy experience on the battlefield.


  • Marcus has a strong poker face, as proven in the casino event. His least favorite card is the jack of hearts.
  • He occasionally refers to Karia as パイセン ("paisen"), much to her and Kocis' dismay. This is due to the relationship he had with Karia Nevan.
  • He manages the Salvation Front's account book, among other minor chores.