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Maria Albane
Maria Sprite (ToP PSX)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Toltus
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor Kumiko Nishihara (PSP)

Maria Albane (マリア・アルベイン Maria Arubein?, "Maria Alvein") is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia. She is the wife of Miguel Albane and currently lives in the small village of Toltus with her son, Cress Albane.


Though she may not be a direct descendant of the group who defeated Dhaos in the past, Maria stands by her husband Miguel when they, along with Trinicus D. Morrison and Meryl Adenade, seal Dhaos away when he flees to their time. One of the pendants is then entrusted to them to protect. In the present, Maria is just recovering from a sickness when Cress and his friend, Chester Burklight, go hunting in South Forest. Unfortunately, when Mars Uldole attacks Toltus for the pendant that Maria and Miguel gave to their son, she is gravely wounded in the attack. Maria survives just long enough for Cress to make it back, and she tells him to flee to his uncle in Euclid because they are after his pendant. She then dies in his arms.