Marian Fustel
Marian Fustel (ToCE)
Game Tales of Destiny
Hometown Darilsheid
Age 25
Race Er'ther
Occupation Maid
Japanese Voice Actor Eriko Fujimaki
"Marian" redirects here. This article is about the character from Tales of Destiny. For the arte that goes by the same name in Japanese media, see Demon Attack.

Marian Fustel (マリアン・フュステル Marian Fyusuteru?) is a maid who appears in Tales of Destiny, employed within the mansion owned by Hugo Gilchrist, the founder and owner of the Oberon Corporation. She is the personal maid of Leon Magnus, who lives with Hugo as an adopted son. Leon is shown to be very fond of Marian, and she is the only person to whom he is polite. Unfortunately for him, after Hugo pushes forward with his plan to steal the Eye of Atamoni for his own purposes, Hugo holds Marian hostage to force Leon to serve him.

Other Appearances

Tales of the Rays

Marian is one of the people that Ix Nieves and Mileena Weiss have exoflected from the world of Tales of Destiny. She is first met by the two mirrists inside the castle halls of Sellund Castle and informs the two that Minister Gefion has cancelled all her meetings and departed elsewhere on important business. Later she is captured by the Salvation Front due to her status as omega nexus, a special variant of nexus believed by the Salvation Front that can save Tir Na Nog, and in doing so force Leon to cooperate with the Salvation Front, the young man hoping that it will earn him the right to meet Marian. She is kept secured and unable to escape in a cold cellar and after some time she is joined by Mileena who realizes who the woman is by assembling the information she had previously learned. Mileena ensures Marian that Leon is looking for her and that the mirrist's friend is also looking for herself. Due to spending a long time in the cold place, Marian catches a cold and passes out, Mileena trying to heal her with her artes.

Eventually help arrives as Ix, Leon, and Rutee rescue the prisoners. However, their attempts to heal Marian are thwarted by her anti-mirrage bracelet and her health deteriorates to the point of partial blindness. Although Marian is insistent on being left behind due to her very existence threatening the world, the party remains adamant about saving her so the maid relents. Since the bracelet cannot be safely removed without Gareth, the party rushes back to their escape route to meet up with Stahn but finds it blocked off. Now desperate, their only option is crossing over a mountain pass that Marian may not survive. It is then that Phantom, the leader of the Salvation Front, appears and offers to save Marian in exchange for returning her and Leon rejoining their forces. Despite stating the former to be the most practical, Leon gives into his stubbornness and decides to place his faith in Stahn and Marian. Together the party successfully crosses the mountain, rescues Stahn, and returns to the Heimdallr to treat Marian’s condition.

Although put dangerously close to death by the experience, Marian makes a full recovery and finally gets to live in peace with Leon, free from malicious influence. As a member of the party, Marian continues to attend to everyone’s needs as a maid and watches over the children such as Ami and Elle when their guardians are not around. She also sometimes assists in mission control for the party in large-scale operations.


Marian Sprite (ToD PSX).png
Sprite in Tales of Destiny (PSX). 
Marian Sprite (ToD PS2).jpg
Sprite in Tales of Destiny (PS2). 
Marian Portrait (ToF1).gif
Portrait artwork for Tales of Fandom Vol.1. 

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