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Marius Raiker
Marius Raiker.png
Appearance Tales of Destiny
Residences Radisrol
Race Er'ther
Occupation Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief
Japanese Voice Actor Moriya Endou (PS2)
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Marius Raiker (メルクリウス・リトラー Merukuriusu Ritoraa?, "Mercurius Ritora") was a major figure during the Aeth'er Wars who serves minor roles in Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2.


A leader and scientist, Raiker fought on behalf of the Er'ther army against the Aetherians during the Aeth'er Wars. At some point, his personality was projected into a computer in Radisrol, as he aids the protagonists in Tales of Destiny, using the scientist Reynes's help to devise a plan that will allow the group to disable Dycroft's defense mechanism, restore the Swordian Igtenos, and infiltrate the Aethersphere for the sake of defeating Hugo Gilchrist, and ultimately, Kronos.