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Maronne Buruqano
Maronne Buruqano
Appearance Tales of Eternia: The Animation
Hometown Belcagne
Age 18
Height 178 cm
Weight 49 kg
Race Half-Inferian/Half-Celestian
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Megumi Hayashibara

Maronne Buruqano (マローネ・ブルカーノ Maroone Burukaano?) is a protagonist in Tales of Eternia: The Animation. She is a skilled bounty hunter and swordswoman with a partner drake named Barossa.


Maronne first interacts with Reid Hershel, Farah Oersted, Meredy, and Keele Zeibel by attacking them after they settle down for the night. In the confusion, she kidnaps Reid on her drake, Barossa, where she coerces him into joining her on a bounty to defend the city of Belcagne on the Belca Island from the sea demon menacing it. The ruler of Belcagne, Excia, entreats them to stay in her mansion overnight, which Maronne accepts. As they rest, Maronne apologizes for the rough treatment and reveals that she has been following the group since they left Inferia Castle and that she needs Reid's help. Reid agrees to go on this hunt together with her. The two swoop after the others, antagonize their target, and slay it in one combined blow. Maronne parts ways with Reid at the port, though she remains in Belcagne.

Maronne does not get along with Farah, often deriding her as weak and incompetent, and the feeling is mutual. Their rivalry comes to a head after a hurricane. Farah asks for Maronne's help in returning to the mainland on Barossa since the island's ships were all damages in the hurricane, but Maronne refuses, mainly due to her dislike of Farah. The situation comes to blows and is only barely averted due to Puratia's intervention, and she suggests the two women compete in the Sea Challenge, a swimming race around the island. Maronne and Farah are attacked by a monster on their swim, and Barossa is hurt defending them.

The two of them settle their differences in battling the monster, bonding over their shared desire to help Barossa get better. Maronne stays on the island, interacting with and often helping the group when they get into bad situations. Their easygoing time together comes to an end during the Sea Festival, where the true side of Belcagne is revealed. Belcagne is the home of Celestian descendants and worshipers of Nereid from the war between Inferia and Celestia, stranded when the worlds separated. The people have been biding their time to destroy Inferia, and the leader, Excia herself, steals the Greater Craymels from the group. Maronne helps the group escape with their lives, though she abandons them afterward.

She returns to Belcagne and requests an audience with Excia, where it is revealed that her father, Tastek (タステク?), abandoned the group on the ideal of coexisting with Inferia, having married an Inferian woman. Marrone was their cross-bred daughter. Maronne's Elara is then forced out of her forehead, which Excia claims signifies Maronne's true worth as a Celestian descendant. Maronne takes the opportunity to stab Excia in revenge, believing that the monster swarm that took the lives of her parents was sent by her to silence her father. Unfortunately, all she kills is a shadow, and she is injured by the true Excia.

Reid and Farah intervene and save her, barely managing to escape. They are pursued by Celestian flying machines, and seeing her allies unable to help against a giant cannon, entrusts Barossa to Farah. Maronne then takes out the most dangerous weapon in a self-sacrificial maneuver. She barely manages to survive, being treated by the doctor of a group of rebels who reject Excia and her mission to conquer Inferia. Maronne rejoins the Reid and the others, bringing with her a coded book that her father stole from Excia. The book reveals the truth about Excia: that the Excia they know is a construct formed from an eternally sleeping girl located in the Wedge of Punishment, a Celestian superweapon Excia intends to use on Inferia. Maronne then participates in the infiltration of the superweapon.

Within the Wedge of Punishment, the group separates. Reid's group goes to confront Excia herself and regain the Greater Craymels. Maronne's group, on the other hand, searches for Excia's true body. Though they find it, they are captured by the undead spirits Excia summons, and at the group's darkest moment, when the Wedge of Punishment prepares to fire its long-ranged cannon, Maronne joins the other Celestians in praying for a way to stop the Wedge of Punishment. Their prayers echo through their Elara, which awakens Excia's true body, who stops the Wedge herself. Maronne helps the noncombatants evacuate as the party wreaks havoc to destroy the Wedge once and for all. In the aftermath, after Reid and the group have left, Maronne joins Corina Sorujente and Excia in looking at the sky. They wonder how Reid and the others' journey has gone, then see them use the Bridge of Light to cross over into Celestia. Maronne wishes them well in their journey to protect the future.

Appearance and Personality[]

Maronne is strong and prideful. She has confidence in herself and her skills, though she can admit when she needs help, and she disdains those who she feels are weak and all talk. Despite this, Maronne can also be kind and caring, and she refuses to let innocent bystanders be hurt, though she does not like allowing herself be seen as kind.

Fighting Style[]

Maronne is skilled at both unarmed fighting and swordsmanship, able to switch depending on whether she is armed or not. She can use many of the artes that both Reid and Farah can use.