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Mars Uldole
Mars Uldole (ToP-TA)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Euclid
Race Human
Occupation Captain of the Independent Order of Knights
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Tesshou Genda
(ToP:TA / PSP)
English Voice Actor Michael McConnohie

Mars Uldole (マルス・ウルドール Marusu Urudooru?) is a minor antagonist in Tales of Phantasia. He is never directly confronted by the party in battle and is killed shortly after the beginning of the story.


Prior to the events of the story, Mars succeeded Miguel Albane as Captain of Euclid's Independent Order of Knights (独立騎士団 Dokuritsu Kishidan?). He was held in high esteem, and he is said to have sword skills comparable to Miguel. Three months before the story, however, his wife says that he left in the middle of the night while in armor and never returned. Dhaos confirms that at this time he contacted Mars, promising him power in exchange for unsealing him. During these three months, he waged an unseen war against those who sealed Dhaos. He killed many of Trinicus D. Morrison's friends and family, as well as imprisoning Meryl Adenade and her daughter, Mint Adenade. It was all in search of the pendants that kept Dhaos sealed, which were held by the Adenade and Albane families.

Mars eventually sets his sights on Toltus, where the Albanes and their son, Cress Albane, live. While Cress and his friend Chester Burklight hunt in South Forest, Mars and his troops raze the village in search of the pendant, slaughtering everyone within. Mars is unable to find the pendant, as Cress is holding it, and he leaves the village with its dead. Once he finds that Cress has escaped to Euclid with his pendant, Mars threatens Cress's uncle with the same fate Toltus befell to hand him over. Cress's uncle complies, and Mars imprisons Cress where he holds Mint after he takes the pendant.

Sprite in Tales of Phantasia (PSX).

At the Catacombs right before he unseals Dhaos, Morrison interrupt him, with Cress, Mint, and Chester not far behind. Despite their efforts, Mars uses the pendants to free Dhaos. He believes that, because he freed Dhaos, he now commands him, but the Demon King quickly disabuses him of that notion. Dhaos, at Mars's arrogance, proceeds to kill him, as he no longer has any use for him.

Appearance and Personality[]

Sprite in Tales of Phantasia (GBA).

Mars can be seen as a ruthless man, crushing all who stand in his way. In his quest to unseal Dhaos, he kills many people and even destroys an entire village. It is not known, however, how much of it is his own personality and how which of it is Dhaos's control. Mars is very prideful, however, considering he thinks that he can control Dhaos once he is unsealed. He also may have once been a kind man, considering how his knights look up to him and how his wife worries for him.


  • Although it is known that Mars is a descendant of the group of heroes that defeated Dhaos years prior, none of them shares their family name with his.