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Mary Kaufman
Mary Kaufman (ToV).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia
Hometown Capua Torim
Race Human
Occupation Leader of Fortune's Market
Japanese Voice Actor Wakana Yamazaki

Mary Kaufman (メアリー・カウフマン Mearii Kaufuman?) is a supporting character and leader of the Fortune's Market guild in Tales of Vesperia.


Referred to officially as "Madam President" and often by her surname, Kaufman is the leader of Fortune's Market, mandating all services associated with the guild. It is through her influence that the city of Aurnion is constructed on the continent of Hypionia, and she is present in the meeting of the world's leaders during the Adephagos dilemma. She authored the autobiography, Reflections on the Scent of the Sea, which details her life from birth in Capua Torim, where Fortune's Market is headquartered, to becoming a guild master. A woman of trade with sharp wits, Kaufman hates to be called by her first name.