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Appearance Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage
Race Medusa

Medibel (メディベル Mediberu?) is a major antagonist in Tales of the World: Summoner's Lineage who serves as one of Xex the Demon Lord's subordinates.


Medibel is first shown at the Tower of the Zodiac, where she is threatening an angel. She states that she will release her once she swears allegiance to the great Demon Lord. However, the angel claims to not know who the Demon Lord is and refers to him in a disrespectful manner, prompting Medibel to reprimand her for her lack of respect. The angel, whose name is revealed to be Angie, calls Medibel pathetic for falling for the Demon Lord's cajolery, which angers Medibel into threatening to kill Angie.

Shortly afterward, Frayne K. Lester and his companions reach the top of the tower in search of the "Luna Ring", but they find Medibel, who seemingly knows of the group and comments on how Alph Ginihle and Lysis have failed to defeat them. Frayne then asks if Medibel is one of the Demon Lord's subordinates, but he does so in a disrespectful manner, which, like with Angie, angers Medibel before she decides to introduce herself to the group. Macaron then notices Angie having been turned to stone by Medibel, who claims to have punished the angel for her disobedience. Arche Klein then refers to Medibel as an "old woman", and Macaron comments on how shrill Medibel's voice becomes when she speaks of the Demon Lord. Medibel drops a subtle hint of her feelings toward the Demon Lord before initiating a battle with the group for insulting him and herself. Once Medibel is defeated, Macaron teases her some more before she escapes, leaving the group to rescue Angie, who is able to break free from Medibel's spell on her.

Appearance and Personality[]

Medibel Intro

Medibel is a sinister woman who pleasures in the pain of others and devotes herself entirely to Xex out of the affection she shares for him. Her appearance mirrors her dark personality. She has pale-gray skin, red eyes, and long, turquoise hair that is split into two braids resembling snakes. Her attire consists of black, childlike dress lined with lace at the bottom and a red bow in the center of the torso. She wears white gloves and stockings accompanied by a matching black pair of loafers.


  • Medibel's name is a portmanteau of Medusa of the Greek myth and belladonna, which is the name commonly used to refer to Atropa belladonna, an extremely toxic plant. Like her name and race suggest, Medibel's snake theme and petrification powers derive from the myth of Medusa.