Medissa (Human).jpg

Medissa (Therion).jpg

Game Tales of Berseria
Hometown Hellawes
Race •Human (former)
Therion (current)
Japanese Voice Actor Takako Honda

Medissa (メディサ Medisa?) is a supporting character in Tales of Berseria. She is a devout woman who condemns the Abbey for killing her daughter who turned into a daemon out of her jealousy of Medissa's fiancée.


After Medissa gave birth to her daughter Diana, she knew that she needed more support on raising her. She fell in love with an exorcist of the Abbey, and eventually got engaged with him. Diana, misinterpreting her mother's actions, became jealous of Medissa's fiancée and thought she stopped loving her. As soon as Diana's emotions of jealousy, and anger (and likely of betrayal) started to overwhelm her, she transformed into a daemon. Horrified, Medissa tried her best to hide Diana, but they were discovered by Medissa's fiancée who killed Diana in cold blood. Enraged at this, Medissa lashed out in resentment and killed her daughter's murderer.

Despite her resentment toward the Abbey over the death of her daughter, she eventually sides with them in order to prevent cases such as hers from ever happening again. Being receptive to Innominat's power, she becomes a therion sealed within the Faldies Ruins that consumes daemons. In their attempt to retrieve all therions, a group of misfits seeks her out and, assuming her to be a victim of the Abbey, attempts to free her upon finding her deep within the ruins. However, she assumes a vicious, Medusa-like form and attacks them. Even though she is knocked down once, Medissa declares that she will fulfill her duties to her dying breath. Before another fight could break out, the reasonable members of the group tell her that they came here, not only to rescue her, but because "enough mothers have died!" They mention that one such mother offered to feed her hungry daughter, Kamoana, whom the Abbey, unlike Medissa, turned her into a therion against her own will. Retracing the memories that brought her into this mess, Medissa is knocked out cold.

Defeated, she is forced against her will to go with the group, being taken on the Van Eltia to Titania in order to be kept with the other therions. She is initially bound upon their arrival, but Eleanor Hume opts to release her when she comes into contact with Kamoana. Recognizing her failure and blaming herself for her own daughter's death, Medissa becomes a motherly figure for Kamoana and eventually adopts her as a daughter after her marriage to Dyle at the end of the story, all three resuming their human forms.

Medissa represents the "conceit" type of malevolence.

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