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Meia Sprite (ToP PSX).png
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Toltus
Race Human
Occupation Swordsman
Weapon Sword

Meia (メイアー Meiaa?) is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia. He is a wandering swordsman with his sights set on exploring the Morlia Mineshaft.


Meia meets the party while aboard the ship traveling to Alvanista from Venezia. While chatting, he explains that he's a wandering swordsman who wants to explore the Morlia Mineshaft, the Dwarven ruins under the control of the Kingdom of Alvanista. Though the kingdom limits access, he believes he can use his contacts at the Adventurer's Guild to obtain permission. He then says he is hungry and heads below deck, where the party joins him for an all-you-can-eat buffet. He and Claus F. Lester get along especially well, partying through the night.

When all others have either left or passed out, Meia reveals to Claus his true purpose for traveling to Alvanista: he has discovered that the kingdom is already under Dhaos's influence because Prince Laird, the sole heir, is being controlled by one of Dhaos's minions, and he intends to sell that information at the Adventurer's Guild. After this confession, he retires for the night. The next morning, Meia enters the party's room and attempts to attack Cress Albane, only to be thwarted by Claus. Meia retreats while Claus realizes that Meia is under someone's control. Unfortunately, the rest of the party is incapacitated by either the last night's overindulgence or seasickness, forcing Cress to confront Meia, who has been rampaging above deck, alone. Cress then has to kill Meia in self-defense. In the aftermath, Claus says that Meia was possessed by one of Dhaos's minions who sought to kill them for their knowledge, and that they had to be more careful. With the information that they obtained from Meia, the party continues on to Alvanista.

Fighting Style

The demon possessing Meia is a capable swordsman, relying on powerful sword strikes and his personal arte, Cranium Cleave (一刀両断 Ittouryoudan?, "One-Bladed Bisection"), which involves him jumping forward with a slash aimed at the head.