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Meirchio (ToB).png
Game Tales of Berseria
Tales of Zestiria the X
World Desolation
Region Northgand
A city at the edge of the world sitting under the aurora. It once boasted the northernmost port in the world, but its waters are now chocked by ice floes.

Meirchio, City of Ice and Snow (氷雪の街 メイルシオ Hyousetsu no Machi Meirushio?) is a location in Tales of Berseria, where Velvet Crowe and the rest of the group stop for a rest before an important battle on Mount Killaraus.


Meirchio is a town located in Northgand, near the foot of the volcano of Mount Killaraus. Ironically, the town is covered by snow. However, it is a peaceful and calm town. Likely to be positioned on a polar location, in some of the game's cutscenes, aurora borealis can be seen in the sky during dusk. Eizen himself knows quite a bit about the town. In one of the game's skits, he says that Meirchio faces the sea, but the currents lately have been too strong to approach it by water. He later mentions that that town was built around the mining of flamestone, which can only be found on Mount Killaraus.


Tales of Berseria

Before being able to stop Innominat, the group requires four important souls to awaken the four Empyreans on Mount Killaraus, but Velvet has only devoured two of them: Oscar Dragonia and Teresa Linares. In one of the skits while the group is on its way to Mount Killaraus, Eizen mentions that there is a town near the foot of the volcano. Upon arrival, they find that Meirchio is a quite, peaceful town, but a daemon soon appears, so they battle it. Velvet then relays a message for the townspeople to give to the Abbey: that on the next Scarlet Night, she will offer a sacrifice to Mount Killaraus and strip Innominat of his power.

Later, she eats the defeated daemon, which reinforces the notion that she is the Lord of Calamity, causing the people to run away scared. Benwick, who is in charge of Kurogane and Kamoana, appears and says that they are there as well because of Kamoana, who insisted on following them. In one scene, Eizen opens and reads a letter from his sister, as they promised to stay in touch. He states that in the last letter he sent, he told her about Velvet and the others, and the answer was she was amused, calling them appropriate for Eizen and she would love to meet them.

In another part of town, Rokurou Rangetsu waits for Kurogane, who is forging himself into a blade to kill Shigure Rangetsu, while Eleanor Hume plays hide and seek with Kamoana. Medissa appears as well and reserves the inn for the group to rest and take hot baths. Near the exit of town, Magilou encounters Melchior Mayvin, her previous mentor, who refuses the group's plan to awaken the Empyreans because so many malakhim will be freed as a result, causing the Abbey to lose its means of control. Meanwhile, Velvet and Laphicet take on Medissa's offer and share an intimate scene together.

Tales of Zestiria the X

This town also makes an appearance in Tales of Zestiria the X, where it is still covered by snow, but unlike Tales of Berseria, is now abandoned. However, Sorey and his group stops here for a rest. They have an encounter with Grimoirh, a normin seraph who is warmly greeted by the normin that travel with the Shepherd.

All of Sorey's companions, along with many of other normin seraphim, stay in the same place as Velvet and Laphicet did. Sorey, Mikleo, and Lailah then talk about the book that Michael, the previous Shepherd, wrote about his travels and experiences. Later in the night, while sleeping, Sorey has a dream in which he meets Velvet, where she encourages him to follow the path that he believes in. After Sorey quickly awakens from his dream, he looks to the sky, painted with a red moon indicative of a Scarlet Night. However, this event does not have any influence within the story.