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Melissa Bridges
Melissa Statue (TotT).png
Appearance Tales of the Tempest
Hometown City of Leymon
Race Leymon

Melissa Bridges (メリッサ・ブリッジス Merissa Burijjisu?) is the deceased wife of Vincent Bridges, the Pope, and primary cause for his actions in Tales of the Tempest. She is also the mother of Caius Qualls and Lukius Bridges.


Melissa was a woman of Leymon royalty who was petrified into stone years prior to the events of the story as a result of the "heretic hunting" of Leymon. She was married to the Pope but could not be with him due to their difference in race. While he raised Lukius, she raised Caius, until she no longer could. Before she died, she entrusted Caius to Ramrus Qualls, her escort. It was around this time that King Areulla VIII deceived the Pope, urging him to gather Pensients in exchange for eventually being able to use Life Magic to resurrect Melissa. The Pope put into motion the hunting of Leymon for heresy, offering a reward to anyone who captured them. In the end, however, the Pope dies as well, unable to revive Melissa. Her stone corpse rests within the Church's cathedral in Janna.