Aselia Wiki
Game Tales of Symphonia
World Tethe'alla
Region Fooji Continent
Ruler Tethe'alla King

Meltokio, the Imperial City (王都メルトキオ Outo Merutokio?) is the largest city in Tethe'alla and serves as its capital in Tales of Symphonia.


The city is divided into four districts: the Slums, where the poorest citizens live; the Commoner's Quarter, where middle-class citizens reside; the Middle District, where armor shops, the central square, and the world-famous coliseum are located; and the Upper District, housing the nobles' quarter, Martel cathedral, and royal palace. The city also has a large sewer system, the Meltokio Sewers, that can be used as an alternate access to the city.

Meltokio has a vast sewer system through which water, garbage, and other waste flow out of the city. The system houses a variety of animals, of which mice are the most populous. There are three doors that can be opened and locked with a certain wheel. Because not all wheels are accessible for normal-sized people, the Sorcerer's Ring is used to diminish its user so he or she can walk on the small paths that lead to the wheels. There are panels on which the user can stand to return to his or her original size. Garbage is collected in huge machines that compress it into blocks that can easily be transported.

In the middle district of Meltokio is a coliseum, an area where, usually, prisoners fight against beasts. Lately, however, there have also been competitions in which warriors fight each other, like the "Mithos Cup". The coliseum is connected to the Meltokio prison, through which it is also connected to the castle and Martel cathedral. The first coliseum match Lloyd Irving and his team fight is one to save Kate from execution. After receiving the "Derris Emblem", the coliseum becomes freely available. When someone beats the advanced level of solo battles, he or she receives a champion title and powerful weapon.


Tales of Symphonia

The King of Tethe'alla resides in Meltokio. The group first visits the city in order to give the King a letter from Sheena Fujibayashi, who has to leave to report her situation in Mizuho. When the group arrives, they also get a quick meeting with Rodyle, though they do not know who he is at this point. When they reach the upper district, they encounter Zelos Wilder surrounded by women, who insult Colette Brunel for her strange clothes, describing her as being "dressed like an angel for a festival". Colette, not being able to respond because of her soulless state, is defended by Lloyd and Genis Sage. Zelos manages to calm them down before he begins flirting with Colette and Raine Sage. However, because Colette is in a self-defensive state, she uses her angelic strength and launches Zelos into the air. Since Zelos uses an Exsphere, he manages to land elegantly on the ground again. Afterward, he comments that she is a strong little angel before he walks away with the women.

Later, when Lloyd and the others manage to meet the King and the Pope in the castle, they also meet Zelos there and are shocked to discover that he is Tethe'alla's Chosen. With some complications, they manage to travel freely in Tethe'alla, though they must have Zelos with them in order to do so. Because the Pope wants to take the throne and therefore wants to rid of Zelos, he declares the group traitors. Therefore, they are no longer able to enter Meltokio through the main gate. Zelos reveals the secret passageway he uses to sneak in and out of the city at night: the sewers. There, they meet Regal Bryant for the first time.

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, Regal, and Sheena travel to Meltokio in order to find Glacies's core. At the local shop, the shopkeeper informs them that someone already bought Glacies's core but cannot tell them who bought it, for if that information was leaked, the wrong people could steal it from them. Regal suggests they go see the King, revealing to the group that he is a Tethe'allan duke. At the palace, the group encounters Alice, who releases two monsters to fight them. After the battle, one of the monsters, Helion, grabs Emil and beings glowing. Alice states that she rigged Helion with a special collar that activates when he is defeated, and once it does, the collar will self-destruct and destroy the monster.

Marta, Regal, and Sheena attempt to free Emil, but to no avail. Tenebrae then takes control of Helion, forcing it to release Emil. The collar then self-destructs, taking Helion and Tenebrae with it. Tenebrae's sacrifice of himself reminds Sheena of when Corrine did the same for her with Volt. Emil then enters "Ratatosk Mode" and claims that Tenebrae is resting in the Temple of Darkness so they should make their way there. Regal leaves the group in order to discover who bought Glacies's core, while the others explore the temple to find Tenebrae's core.

After learning that Glacies's core was bought by Seles Wilder, the group returns to Meltokio to visit Zelos's manor, where they meet Sebastian. However, their greeting is interrupted when a man enters with bad news: Seles has been kidnapped by Lloyd, so the group splits to search for him. Emil encounters Zelos again and informs him that Seles, his sister, has been kidnapped by Lloyd. Zelos does not believe Emil until he sees it with his own eyes but still insists it is not Lloyd. They all return to the manor, where Marta explains everything. When Emil exclaims that Lloyd kidnapped Seles, Zelos makes note of two things: Lloyd would never kidnap Seles and Lloyd would not reek of cologne. Emil then realizes that the "Lloyd" he saw take Seles had the same smell as Decus, forcing Emil to realize the truth that it was Decus who caused the Blood Purge, later went on a killing spree in Flanoir, and kidnapped Seles—all while disguised as Lloyd. The group then leaves to inform the King about what happened.