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Mercuria (TotR-FR).png
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Bifrost
Residences Hy'Brasail
Age 12
Height 145 cm
Weight 36 kg
Race Human
Occupation Mirrist
•Princess of the Asgard Empire
Japanese Voice Actor Yumiko Kobayashi
Character Designer Daigo Okumura

Mercuria (メルクリア Merukuria?) is an antagonist in Tales of the Rays, first appearing in the Mirrage Prison arc.


Mercuria was born as a princess of Bifrost, and lived with her mother Elda and brother Woden Rot Nibelung before it was eradicated during the mirrage wars. She was later brought to Sellund as a prisoner while still a child, and at some point Demitrius adopted her.

During the Mirrorshift, Mercuria aided Phillip Reston in removing Phantom. Afterward, she and Demitrius started to talk about reviving Bifrost, resulting in the split of the Salvation Front: half of it aided Mercuria's plans, the other rebelling and remaining with Marcus Grimm and Phillip.

Mirrage Prison

During the events of Mirrage Prison, Mercuria has successfully initiated her Living Doll Project, bringing back her brother, now under the alias Nazar, as well as some of her old servants. They wish to continue restoring the fallen empire by creating more Living Dolls, which involves extracting animus particles from the crystals Ix Nieves created, as well as eradicate the mirrists. She has manipulated many nexuses into helping her cause, but she does show to deeply care for them at the same time, particularly Richter Abend. At one point, she offers Kor Meteor her help in restoring Kohaku Hearts' damaged Spiria, but the boy refuses.

Appearance and Personality

Mercuria has rosy brown waist-long hair with two red bangs and amber brown eyes. She also has peculiar adornments in her hair. Mercuria wears a short black tunic with a white belt and red adornments around her waist, and a black, red, and white coat over it. She also dons red stockings and peculiar heels.

While an innocent child, Cecily notes that Mercuria can also be surprisingly cruel because of that. She is extremely short-tempered and can be easily angered when someone offends her mother. Mercuria also deeply loves her brother, and during the finale of Mirrage Prison, she goes into a murderous rage after he dies.

She bears a deep hatred for Mileena Weiss for being responsible for destroying her home, which only becomes stronger when she was responsible for Nazar's death once more. She also becomes cruel to anyone who betrays her, as she did not take Flynn Scifo's well at all.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Mercuria specializes in Fire- and Dark-elemental artes. Her fighting style is similar to Lailah's, conjuring magic projectiles from her hands and having offensive spells that focus on either a foe or herself. Mercuria's spell naming convention is similar to Eleanor's: having a prefix stating what kind of arte it is followed by arte's actual name. The prefix she uses for her all spells is "Jutsushiki" (術式?) , which is the Japanese name for formulas in Tales of Vesperia. Before she made a playable appearance, Mercuria was shown in cutscenes of the game and Tales of the Rays: Everlasting Destiny to be a powerful spellcaster, where she was able to use spells such as Big Bang and Indignation with ease.