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Meryl Adenade
Meryl Sprite (ToP GBA)
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Race Human
Japanese Voice Actor •Maria Kawamura
•Kei Hayami
(Full Voice Edition)
English Voice Actor Tara Platt (ToP:TA)

Meryl Adenade (メリル・アドネード Meriru Adoneedo?, "Meryl Adnade") is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia and the mother of Mint Adenade. She is a healer with the ability to use Divine Power, which she passed along to her daughter.


Meryl travels the world as a Healer, with her daughter Mint Adenade in tow. She carries with her earrings in the shape of the Unicorn, a mark of a great Healer which is passed down through the women Healers in her family. As a descendant of the group who defeated Dhaos in the past, she is present alongside Trinicus D. Morrison as well as Miguel and Maria Albane when they seal Dhaos away when he flees to their time. One of the pendants is then entrusted to her to protect which she hands down to her daughter. Unfortunately, she and her daughter are captured by Mars Uldole when he seeks to unseal Dhaos.

Meryl is killed while imprisoned, but her spirit gives Cress Albane one of her earrings, which allows him to blow a hole in the wall of his cell. Her corpse contains a sword which Cress arms himself with and uses to escape. While attempting to figure out how to heal the Great Tree Yggdrasill, Mint remembers a talk she had with her mother. Mint was curious about Meryl's earrings and wishes she had a pair of her own, but Meryl tells her that she cannot give them to her, as they are a sign of a great Healer. Meryl tells her that the Unicorn is a symbol of a Healer but gives Mint her hat instead, which Mint continues to wear.

In Tales of Phantasia: The Animation, while attempting to heal Yggdrasill, Mint remembers seeing it in its dead state. Meryl tells her that the tree, even dead, is the source of their power to heal, and Meryl comforts Mint when she feels the tree's pain.