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Merzhom Keida
Merzhom Keida (TFS).png
Appearance Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike
Residences Ceazontania
Race Human
Occupation Guild Leader
Weapon Club
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Gouri
English Voice Actor Robert Bruce Elliot

Merzhom Keida (メルゾム・ケイダ?) is a supporting character in Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike.


Merzhom is the leader of the guild residing in the small town of Ceazontania. He is heavily implied to have history with Niren Fedrok, who's brigade has been dispatched to Ceazontania to help protect the town from the monsters that have been closing in on the town. Despite the independence from each other, Niren and Merzhom remain on good terms.

Merzhom is first introduced when Yuri Lowell starts a fight in a pub when one of Merzhom's subordinates blurt out that he abandoned a client. He walks up to Yuri and reprimands the subordinate when the latter pulls out a knife. He then smiles to Yuri and introduces himself before promising to make sure his men see every job through. While the others clean up, Merzhom and Yuri talk about the current situation they are in.

The next day, travelers are attacked by a pack of monsters and another monster made out of aer. Merzhom and his guild arrive to help the Niren Brigade get everyone inside the barrier, but then the wardogs get drawn in by the monster. When Merzhom and Yuri follow them, they find the aer monster having absorbed the dogs and using their fangs to manage a few kills before Yuri reluctantly kills them. With the situation deteriorating, Merzhom and his guild helps the brigade investigate the ruins and destroy the blastia inside that is causing the problems.

Appearance and Personality

Merzhom is a large, tan man with brown eyes, short, brown hair, a beard, and a fire-breathing dragon tattoo on his right arm. He wears a dark pink shirt under an orange vest, black pants, brown shoes, and a light-brown belt carrying a knife on his left side.