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  • For clarification, I haven't really returned so much as quarantine boredom has sucked me back in. After getting nostalgic and then patching things up with Lanate, I wanted to hit the areas of the wiki that changed during my absence, maybe open some discussions, and although I may have monitored the recent changes a bit, I have no intentions of going back to my old ways, so to speak. Everyone sign from relief. I also restrained myself as much as I could when it came to edit sweeps, but my perfectionist tendencies took over a bit, especially since there were a lot of new things on the wiki. I'm good now. Introduced Kaimi's allusion stuffs to the mainspace, which I'm happy with, and then went back to some of my favorite things.

    This isn't a goodbye message btw; rather, just explaining my resurgence and intentions from here on out. I'd like to stick around more casually when I have the time (which is a lot atm), but I'll probably be focusing more on my own areas of interest rather than playing minimod and/or taking on large projects I don't really care about. Stress isn't something I need from the wiki again. Anyway, that's all. ❤

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    • It's nice to see you have relaxed a bit. While discipline and strictness are good traits to have if one starts to "soak" in them to much to the edge of it becoming perfectionism it might not be to everyone's benefit. So it's good that you have grown in that regard. I know that you might not be always up for a change but at times it is necessary if Wiki is to grow. I'm happy that you also liked by idea of Allussions list in the mainspace.

      Despite our past conflicts I hope we will continue to do our best to ensure Aselia's growth and well-being.😄

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    • Glad to have you back in whatever capacity you'd like to be here in! I look forward to our efforts to grow Aselia together.

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