Meteoric Iron (思刃金剛波 Shijin Kongouha?, "Think Blade Diamond Wave" / "Mind Blade Adamantine Wave") is a strike arte exclusive to Kor Meteor from Tales of Hearts, passed down through the Meteor line.

Arte Description and History

Kor first slashes diagonally upward to the right, then diagonally downward to the left and diagonally upward to the right, each strike inducing a burst of energy emanating from the user. Tekt Tourmaline uses it to save Kor from a xerom in Zirconia Tourmaline's Spiria Nexus. He explains that Sydan Meteor invented the arte and taught it to his daughter, Kardia Meteor. Kardia, in turn, taught it to Tekt, who at last passes it on to Kardia's son, completing the chain for the Meteor line.


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