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Mibaru (ToCrestoria).jpg
Appearance Tales of Crestoria
Hometown Dalchia
Occupation Dojo Master

Mibaru (ミバル?) is a supporting character in Tales of Crestoria. He runs the dojo at Dalchia until he dies in battle a few weeks prior to the beginning of the story.



Mibaru was the master of the local dojo of Dalchia, who trained Cress Albane, a traveling swordsman. One day, Mibaru left to kill a Heavy Claw dubbed the "Lord of the Woods" (森のヌシ?). Mibaru succeeded in killing the beast, but not before slowly succumbing to his wounds, and being approached by Cody Hjuger, the leader of Dalchia. When Mibaru woke up, he had the body of the Lord of the Woods. It turned out that Cody's orphanage was just a front for a slave trafficking business, and Cody had given both him and the Lord of the Woods to the mad scientist, Malcolm Sloat, who transferred Mibaru's soul into the monster's body. Mibaru escaped into the woods and watched Cress from afar. He saved the life of Mint Adenade, who saw through the monster he had become and decided to help him.

Side Story: Cress

Mibaru is approached and fought by Cress, Emil Castagnier, and Marta Lualdi. Due to how strong Cress had grown, Mibaru speaks his pride before fainting. Realizing that the Lord of the Woods spoke with Mibaru's voice, Cress is shocked. Mint arrives just in time to heal Mibaru's wounds. From them, Cress and his companions learn the truth about Cody and Mibaru. Due to his wounds, Mibaru is escorted to Torini Cave where the women tend to his wounds. Suddenly they hear commotion in the village and humans race there and see that monsters have attacked it in great numbers. Together, the group fights off the monsters to protect the village. In the chaos, Mibaru appears and help defend the village as well. The villagers, in the fervor and ignorance to the truth, slay Mibaru who dies happy, seeing that the villagers have finally started to work together. Cress arrives at the scene too late and Mibaru dies in his arms, now back to his former appearance.