Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Occupation Shepherd
Japanese Voice Actor Satoshi Hino
English Voice Actor Josh Grelle (ToZtX)[1]

Michael (ミケル Mikeru?) was the last Shepherd in Glenwood before Sorey in Tales of Zestiria. He was the founder of Camlann, the Origin Village, and was indirectly responsible for the primary conflict in the game's plot.


At some point, Michael became a Shepherd with Lailah as his Prime Lord. During his journey, he secretly lured Maotelus from Pendrago Shrinechurch to Artorius's Throne. He then left Lailah to found Camlann, living there with his sister, Muse, and her newborn son, Mikleo. He also wrote the Celestial Record, but did not include any mention of himself in its pages; therefore, the last Shepherd is commonly believed to have lived 200 years prior to the events of the story.

However, because Camlann was strategically located, Rolancian troops occupied the village under General Georg Heldalf, under the pretense of protection from Hyland, ironically causing friction between the nations. Furthermore, the soldiers were stationed in Artorius's Throne, angering Maotelus, of whose presence they were unaware. When Hyland eventually sent forces to raid Camlann, however, Heldalf withdrew his troops and abandoned the village to its fate.

Muse escaped and went to Artorius's Throne to beg for help, and Michael, having learned that Heldalf had abandoned the village, followed her, only to find the temple set ablaze by Hylander troops. Lying on the ground, separated from her son, Muse implored Michael to save the child. Though he was able to reach Mikleo through the flames, he discovered that both the baby and Maotelus had become hellions. Succumbing to his anger and wishing for Heldalf to suffer for what he had done, Michael approached the altar and offered his nephew as a sacrifice, cursing Heldalf to a life of eternal solitude, condemning him to live forever in a hell of his own making. This curse would eventually cause Heldalf to become the Lord of Calamity.

Appearance and Personality

Michael has dirty-blond hair reaching almost to his shoulders, with bangs swept to his left. His eyes are lavender. He wears a white shirt under an open, long-sleeved dark blue jacket, secured with a black belt, white leggings, and low-heeled black boots with the tops folded over at the knee. He wears a fingerless black glove emblazoned with the mark of the Shepherd on his left hand.


  • In the English localized description for Iris Gem: Fyra, Muse is described as the Shepherd's wife as he founded a village along with his son. In the Japanese version, she is described as a woman who seems to be related to him. The group discovers later that Muse and Michael are siblings, and Mikleo is Muse's son. The Iris Gem descriptions appear to be subjective interpretations of the content rather than decisive statements of fact.