Aselia Wiki
Midgards (ToP).jpg
Game Tales of Phantasia
World Aselia
Country Kingdom of Midgards
Region Midgards Continent

The City of Midgards (ミッドガルズの都 Middogaruzu no Miyako?, "Capital of Midgards") is the large, capital city of the Kingdom of Midgards in Tales of Phantasia.


Midgards lies on the northeastern continent of Aselia. The Valhalla Plains sit adjacent to the city, and the White Birch Forest looms to the north. Dhaos built his castle on the nearby peninsula to the northeast to be as close as possible to the magitech-loving city. Midgards is one of the largest provinces in the world during the past timeline of the game's plot, along with the allied city of Alvanista, capital of the Kingdom of Alvanista.


Being well-known for its research in magitechnology, Midgards is home to the Scarlet family of researchers, years before they moved to the village of Hamel. The large city is led by a king, who heads the war against Dhaos, and he is advised by the half-elf Reisen, who was instrumental in the development of the Mana Cannon. Due to Dhaos's influence on Alvanista prior to the Valhalla War he wages with Midgards, the city is alone left to fend off Dhaos's army without the aid of its former ally.

The protagonists travel to Midgards to assist the local army in the war against Dhaos after Edward D. Morrison enlists their aid back in Olive. The city serves as a stronghold during the war, which takes place over several days, the heroes pressing forward through Dhaos's forces relentlessly. After this initial battle, the group returns to the city while Dhaos mobilizes his sky units. It is then that Reisen orders for the Mana Cannon to be activated, destroying a large portion of Dhaos's troops, but consuming a vast amount of mana in the process. When he attempts to fire it again, it malfunctions and explodes.

In the future timeline, Midgards is no longer accessible, and all that remains of the once profound city are some ruins, as Midgards lost the war against Dhaos. Its magitechnology research continues in Euclid, however.