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Migal (ToA).png
Appearance Tales of Arise
Hometown Viscint
Race Dahnan
Occupation Leader of the Gold Dust Cats
Japanese Voice Actor Daisuke Hirakawa
English Voice Actor Armen Taylor[1]

Migal (ミキゥダ Mikyuda?) is a supporting character from Tales of Arise. He is a former member of the Menacian Guard and Kisara's elder brother. He founded the Gold Dust Cats in order to expose a sinister plot unfolding behind Lord Dohalim il Qaras's back.


In the past, the Renans of Elde Menancia was just as merciless to the Dahnan slaves just as any of the other realms. It grew to the point where Migal and Kisara had to depend on one another in order to survive. However, that all changed seven years ago when Dohalim was crowned the new lord. Dohalim abolished the slavery and established equality between the two races. Even Dahnans could enroll into the guard.

One day, Migal caught wind of a rumor that Dahnans had been getting sick, so they were quarantined to the medical facility in the Razum Quarry. Eventually, Migal discovered the Fruit of Helgan, which had been placed in the food, causing the "quarantined" victims to hollow. However, he was soon captured by the conspirators. To keep him away from warning Dohalim, the conspirators framed Migal as a traitor who attempted to assassinate the lord. They then force-fed him the fruit raw daily before leaving him for dead, thinking he would eventually succumb to his condition. Using this chance, Migal escaped.

Knowing that Dohalim would not want this, Migal gathered others in the same boat as him and founded the Gold Dust Cats as a means to prevent Menancia from reverting to the hellhole it once was.

Migal has his cat Zareh lead the party to his hideout, where he asks them to bring Dohalim to him so he can show him the truth. When they comply and bring Dohalim, Migal leads them to through the mines to the supposed "medical facility", only to discover a lake of Hollowing instead. When Dohalim questions him, Migal eats a Fruit of Helgan and allows himself to hollow in front of the lord in order to open his eyes. With his final breath, Migal begs Dohalim and Kisara to stop the conspirators before it is too late, securing the dream of coexistence.