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Miguel Albane
Miguel Sprite (ToP PSX).png
Appearance Tales of Phantasia
Hometown Toltus
Race Human
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Yasunori Masutani (PSP)

Miguel Albane (ミゲール・アルベイン Migeeru Arubein?, "Miguel Alvein") is a minor character in Tales of Phantasia. He is a renowned swordsman and former knight, currently living in the small village of Toltus with his wife, Maria Albane, and son, Cress Albane.


Before the events of the story, Miguel is Captain of Euclid's Independent Order of Knights (独立騎士団 Dokuritsu Kishidan?). He eventually passes the role to Mars Uldole. As a descendant of one of the group who defeated Dhaos in the past, Miguel is one of the group tasked with sealing him one he appears, and he succeeds in doing so alongside his wife Maria, Trinicus D. Morrison, and Meryl Adenade. Miguel then takes one of the "Pendants of Imprisonment" to protect. When his son is young, he begins to teach Cress how to fight so that he can one day take the burden of protecting the pendant. During this time, he begins to develop the Dark Blade, which Cress would one day remember and use for himself.

On Cress's fifteen birthday, he gives the pendant to his son but does not tell him its purpose. One day, he does decide that Cress needs to know, but Cress already has plans with Chester, so Miguel resolves to tell him during dinner. Before Cress can come back, however, Toltus is attacked by Mars and his troops in search of his pendant. They proceed to raze the village and kill Miguel along with the rest of the villages, without Miguel being able to tell his son anything. In honor of his father, Cress renames the rebuilt Toltus "Miguel".