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Game Tales of Link
Race Human

Mikana is a major antagonist in Tales of Link. She is known as the Witch of Nidhogg.


An archaeologist surveying ruins from antiquity. No one knows how old she is or where she is from, and there are rumors that she is connected with insurgents.

While not much is known about her prior to joining Nidhogg, she is an archaeologist who has the ability to "read" much more from books than the words they contain, such as the thoughts and feelings that dwell within. As a member of Nidhogg, she carries out any order she is given by Lilium. In exchange, every time she completes a mission, Lilium gives her an answer to any question she has. Using this to her advantage, she has asked him about many things, including his right hand, which is the source of his power, and how Nidhogg operates.

One day, after completing one of her missions, arranging the collapse of a small northern nation, she reveals to Lilium that, while exploring ancient ruins that she believed was once a temple, she discovered a very old spellbook. While "reading" the book, she discovered that it had spent a very long time in the temple and that the history of its existence spans the history of the world. While usually quiet, the book started acting up with she first met Lilium. Realizing that Lilium has something to do with the book, she decides to ask him about his connection with it. After learning that the book had been used by a ruinator that Lilium had killed long ago, she wishes to know more about his past.

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