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Appearance Tales of Zestiria
Hometown Elysia
Age 17[1]
Height 5'5" / 165 cm
Race Seraph
Occupation Sub Lord
Weapon Staff
Japanese Voice Actor Ryouta Oosaka
English Voice Actor •Michael Johnston (ToZ)[2]
•Philip Lamont (ToZtX)
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Mikleo (ミクリオ Mikurio?) is the deuteragonist and a Water seraph in Tales of Zestiria. Because he is a seraph, Mikleo is invisible to most humans. He is the childhood best friend of Sorey. He is a calm and composed individual, though has been known to get flustered easily. Alisha Diphda is the first human outside of Sorey that Mikleo has met. His true name is Luzrov Rulay (ルズローシヴ=レレイ Ruzurooshivu Rerei?), meaning "Mikleo the Enforcer".


Mikleo was, in fact, not born as a seraph, but as a human. He was refashioned into a seraph when his uncle, Michael, killed him as a sacrifice for Maotelus. Muse begged him not to kill her child, but he did anyway. Muse then went running to Zenrus with Mikleo in her arms and asked if he could take him in to become a seraph. She also found out that he was taking another child, a human, in and that he was Selene's child, Sorey. Zenrus wanted to take them in to grow up as a Shepherd and his Sub Lord back in Elysia.

Appearance and Personality

Status image in Tales of Zestiria.

Mikleo has very light blue hair, almost silver, hiding a green gem surrounding a gold tiara-like symbol on his forehead, and lavender eyes. He wears a blue shirt and cape with white and gold embellishments. Beneath his bangs, he wears a golden circlet with a green gem in the middle; this formerly belonged to his mother, Muse. His pants are white, apart from the ends, which are blue. In his future form, he has longer, curlier hair and sports a black undershirt and brown gloves, together with an altered version of his earlier clothing.

Mikleo is analytical and notably calmer than Sorey, thinking more before acting and quick to aid Sorey when necessary. Because of this, they complement each other well. He thinks of Sorey as both his rival and his best friend, and their other companions observe that he is much more likely to get fired up if Sorey is involved, with the implication that it is because of how much he cares for him. Hard working and determined, he constantly practices to make up for the fact that all of the other seraphim have decades to centuries of experience over him. Mikleo shares an interest in ancient history with Sorey, and the two of them frequently engage in lengthy discussions and debates that exasperate the others. Mikleo also states that seeing humans and seraphim coexisting is not only Sorey's dream, but it becomes his as well. It is worth noting that he has a tendency to be annoyed by Edna often teasing him, with whom he trades minor insults. He is also talented at preparing food.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of Zestiria.

Mikleo is a mid-ranged fighter who wields Water-elemental artes. His weapon is a long staff, which he wields like a quarterstaff rather than a typical magician's wand. A seraph from Elysia confirms that he took up the weapon in response to Sorey's larger build so he could have a longer reach, though Mikleo denies this when both Alisha and Dezel guess. Edna comments that, for seraphic artes, a weapon of the seraph's subordinate element aids them. Mikleo's staff, however, is of the Earth element, which the Water element is subordinate to. Normally, this choice means that his weapon should hamper him, but Edna says that it could also be seen as training due to the increased difficulty.

His martial artes often involve lobbing blasts of water or ice at a target from a slight distance as well as spinning physical strikes with his staff, while his seraphic artes utilize water in all forms, and his healing artes specialize in high powered, single-target heals. As part of the game's pre-order bonuses, Mikleo can acquire the mystic arte, Final Player, which originates from Tales of Destiny 2 and is associated with Loni Dunamis.

Other Appearances

Tales of Asteria

Destiny of the Twin Stars

In a Fractured Dimension, the seraphim inexplicably became visible to humans, and war breaks out when humans blame the seraphim for a series of disasters coinciding with their appearance. Sorey becomes affected by a mysterious black mist, and Mikleo seals him away at Sorey's request. Mikleo then seeks a cure for Sorey's affliction, but gradually loses hope, especially when the seal breaks and Sorey escapes, becoming the new Lord of Calamity intent on killing all humans to save the seraphim. Having no solution to Sorey's corruption, Mikleo resolves to kill Sorey as a mercy.[3]



  • It is shown multiple times that Mikleo has a fear of dogs.
  • Despite being a Water seraph, Mikleo cannot swim, a trend that has been shown in Tales of HR, and Tales of Crestoria.

Notes and References

  1. Mikleo's age is not explicitly stated, but an official timeline places an event that coincides with Mikleo's rebirth as a seraph at seventeen years prior to the game.
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