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Mileena Weiss
Appearance Tales of the Rays
Hometown Odanse
Age 18
Height 162 cm
Weight •42 kg (Arc 1)
•45 kg (Arc 2+)
Race Human
Occupation Mirrist
Japanese Voice Actor Haruka Terui
Character Designer •Hidenori Matsubara
(Arc 1)
•Koichi Itakura
(Arc 3/Spirit Gear)

Mileena Weiss (ミリーナ・ヴァイス Miriina Vaisu?) is a character in Tales of the Rays.


Born into a family of mirrists, talented Mileena has been polishing her skills as one ever since she was young. She is Ix Nieves's childhood friend and has a motherly personality, acting like an older sister to him and doing various favors for him such as cooking. Her feelings are profound, and she holds a face that easily imbues emotions onto others. While Ix can be negative, Mileena is as positive as she can possibly be. Although she tries her best to hold dignity as the older one, she has a tendency to become gentle toward Ix.

Appearance and Personality

Mileena has green eyes and long blonde hair with a mirrage serving as her hairclip. She wears a light pink blouse, a maroon skirt with gold lining tied with a belt and a red cape with sleeves. Her look is completed with maroon gauntlets and boots. In arc 2, this changed to a black dress with earrings and a black ribbon under her mirrage. In arc 3, she wears a black top with a white corset over it, a black skirt with red highlights and a ribbon, long brown boots and a red scarf. She also has a pouch slung over her waist.

Mileena is a kind and sweet young woman with an occasionally scary side. When Ix gets serious in thought, analyzing all possible outcomes, Mileena acts as a "voice of reason" for him, asking him not to overthink things. Despite Ix's constant actions of protecting her, she is also taking an active role in protecting him and aiding him on his journey, even if sometimes that puts her in danger. While Mileena has strong emotional ties with Ix, she often admires various aspects of many female nexuses, like their appearance and strength, and proclaims her love for them. Karia reveals that the reason behind this is because Mileena has always wanted a little sister. She becomes slightly distant in Mirrage Prison, as she did not take Ix's situation well, but she's still kind nonetheless. Her cheerful demeanor returns when Ix comes home, as she's finally able to be smile again.

Fighting Style

Cut-in image for Tales of the Rays.

Mileena fights using several floating mirrors that circle around her and because of their mobility her strike artes are mainly ranged. She has access to a range of magic artes, mainly focusing on Light-elemental ones with Wind- and Fire-elemental spells at her disposal as well. Mileena can also perform basic healing spells in form of a single-target First Aid and area-of-effect Pixie Circle, both restoring a small amount of HP. Her Spirit Gear allows her to harness Shadow's power.



  • Mileena's outfit in Fairy's Requiem was handmade by Ix. They are also wearing matching bracelets.
  • One of her hobbies is bonsai planting.