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Milhaust Selkirk
Milhaust Selkirk.png
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Balka
Age 28
Height 185 cm
Weight 72 kg
Race Huma
Occupation Commander-in-Chief of the Calegian Army
Weapon Sword
Japanese Voice Actor Shin'ichirou Miki
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Milhaust Selkirk (ミルハウスト・セルカーク Miruhausuto Serukaaku?) is a central character in Tales of Rebirth. As commander-in-chief of the Calegian army, Milhaust frequently interacts with the protagonists, and, though antagonistic at times, serves as a protagonist himself later in the story.



Milhaust is briefly shown alongside Eugene Gallardo during the story's beginning animated sequence, which depicts King Ladras Lindblum's death, spurring the Dusk of Ladras. However, he is not mentioned or shown again until he appears in Babilograd Harbor, demanding to know why Walto and Militsa of the Four Stars are involving civilians in a public disturbance. Mao explains that Milhaust "distinguished himself soon after enlisting in the army and became the general at a young age due to his skill and popularity". Due to his elite status, Milhaust orders Walto and Militsa to withdraw, regardless of what orders they have received otherwise, stating that he will not allow citizens to be harmed before him. Walto and Militsa leave, allowing Milhaust to speak briefly with Eugene, whom he now regards as a person with no allegiance to his country. Milhaust leaves shortly afterward.

Kingdom in Crisis

When Queen Agarte Lindblum performs the crowning ceremony at the ritual dais atop Calegia Castle, Milhaust is present and witnesses her use her Force of Moon to summon the Sacred Beast King, Geyorkias, and disappear after the protagonists defeat Geyorkias in battle. After this event, Milhaust is one of many who believe that Agarte is deceased. When Agarte, who is now occupying Claire Bennett's body because of the semi-successful ritual, appears in front of Calegia Castle, Milhaust sends her away, believing Claire to be partially responsible for Agarte's "death". Later, Milhaust appears in Razilda to settle the dispute between the two tribal leaders of the village and places the village under the jurisdiction of the Calegian military, separating all Huma and Gajuma residents. When he meets with the group, he openly acknowledges Zilva Madigan's rise to power, as well as that he is merely attempting to maintain peace throughout the land so that Huma and Gajuma may coexist. Before leaving, he makes it evident that he believes Agarte's "death" was the result of the group's influence.

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

Later in the story, Veigue Lungberg has a conversation with "Claire", who is actually Agarte, in Belsas. Veigue mentions how he remembers Milhaust crying when he believed Agarte was dead, as if he loved her. "Claire" counters Veigue's statement with Milhaust's haunting words he told her when she was still in her own body: that the difference between them is too great. Veigue then realizes that Agarte was in love with Milhaust, but their difference in race prevented him from reciprocating her feelings. When "Agarte", who is actually Claire, is about to be executed in Belsas, Milhaust appears and, like the group, soon learns that Claire and Agarte swapped bodies during the crowning ceremony. Agarte explains that her Force of Moon, which is passed down in the royal family, allows for this, but she flees before having the chance to explain herself. What Veigue already knows, however, is that Agarte desired the body of a Huma so that Milhaust would reciprocate her feelings. It is later revealed that Zilva manipulated Agarte into performing the ceremony.

Final Resolve

Milhaust is later encountered by Veigue at Etoray Bridge in his pursuit of Claire, who is still occupying Agarte's body. Milhaust explains that Claire is at his place, having come to him on her own volition because she no longer wished to be a burden to Veigue. The two engage in combat, and Veigue loses. Agarte, in Claire's body, rescues Veigue and returns him to Minal, where she explains that she can no longer make use of her Force to swap her and Claire's bodies back. Milhaust is later shown with Claire, informing her that she will be safe in Calegia Castle, but that she should act as Agarte now, to which Claire agrees. When Razilda is destroyed, Milhaust informs Claire that he must go to Mount Sovereign and settle things with the group there. Deep within Mount Sovereign, Milhaust blocks the path to the final room of the dungeon, prompting Veigue to fight him single-handedly, winning the match. After the battle, Milhaust allows the group to pass, having been bested by Veigue and noticing Veigue's resolve, which reminds him of himself.

Later, Milhaust joins Claire and Agarte as the Sacred Beast Shaorune takes them to Yuris's Realm, where the group is, meeting with them deep inside. After the battle, during the game's final scene, Agarte, back in her own body, collapses due to the exertion of her Force, confessing in Milhaust's arms that she knew what would become of the world, yet she longed for the body of a Huma. Agarte apologizes for being a burden before stating that she leaves the country in Milhaust's hands. A distraught Milhaust begs for Agarte to remain living, though she only manages to tell Milhaust that she has always loved him before dying in his arms. Before the game ends, Milhaust asks for the group's help in the world's rebirth of ideals. In the credits, he is seen with Walto discussing the rebuilding of Razilda, while his helmet is pictured sitting near Agarte's necklace on the throne in Balka Castle.

Appearance and Personality

Portrait artwork for Tales of Rebirth.

Milhaust is only ever shown in his full military armor, which covers a red suit beneath. Although he never appears without his helmet, his long, blond hair remains visible through it, and his green eyes compliment the top portion of his extravagant breastplate. Milhaust's personality mirrors his militant exterior, rarely showing emotion apart from his admiration of Calegia. He is fiercely devoted to his country, acting in favor of its citizens at all times. Although he stands at the top of the kingdom's military, he is frequently dispatched to settle disputes, which is said to boost the morale of his troops.

Fighting Style

Opening still from Tales of Rebirth.

In battle, Milhaust fights with a standard military sword and is only ever fought solo as Veigue: once in an impossible-to-win fight at Etoray Bridge, and another deep within Mount Sovereign. The battle is fast-paced, with Milhaust having a relatively low amount of health, but Milhaust's ability to counter combos and begin a chain of his own makes him formidable. At some point during the battle, Milhaust uses his unique arte, Fidelity Testament, which deals a significant amount of damage.