Aselia Wiki
Appearance Tales of Rebirth
Residences Balka
Age 23
Height 163 cm
Weight 46 kg
Race Half
Occupation Member of the Four Stars
Weapon Janbiyas
Japanese Voice Actor Yuuko Mizutani
Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata

Militsa (ミリッツァ Mirittsa?) is a major antagonist and member of the Four Stars in Tales of Rebirth. She is a Half, as well as the only female member within the Four Stars. An old friend of Hilda Rhambling, Militsa believes the King's Shield is the only place where she can be accepted due to her race. Militsa is also the only Half within the Four Stars, as Saleh is Huma, and both Tohma and Walto are Gajuma.


Background and Pursuit at Sannytown

Militsa, like Hilda, was raised by Tohma, who recruited the two into the King's Shield sometime after Eugene Gallardo defected and was chased by the army. Tohma instilled in the two that he could grant them the "pure body" of either a Huma or Gajuma if they served and demonstrated their power for him. At some point, Militsa was promoted to the Four Stars, while Hilda resorted to breaking off her horns in hatred of herself, leading Tohma to lose interest in and later manipulate her. This event also severs Militsa's friendship with Hilda. Militsa is briefly mentioned by Annie Barrs in Minal as the only female member of the Four Stars; however, the group does not encounter Militsa in person until Sannytown, where she is attempting to capture Susie Quess. Upon initially seeing Militsa, the group is surprised to see that she is a Half, and Militsa is quick to scold their disbelief by inquiring whether Halfs are really that unusual. Shortly afterward, Militsa attacks the group with her Force of Rainbow, subduing them while she pursues Susie.

The group eventually finds Militsa, only to be forced into battle with her clones. It is not until after the fight that the group realizes they missed Milita's actual body entirely. Militsa escapes again, and the group is left wondering how Militsa is able to use her Force to create copies of herself. Annie deduces that Militsa uses light to create her mirage-like images, which are far from mere illusions. Annie speculates that Militsa compiles her Force into balls of light and then fashions them after herself. With clones indistinguishable from Militsa's actual body and the Force reacting to all of them, the group questions how they can find Militsa's actual body to stop her. Annie again devises a method of overcoming Militsa's Force: by disturbing the light in the surrounding environment, the group can distinguish Militsa. Veigue Lungberg and Mao accomplish this by combining their Forces to create steam, which disrupts the surrounding light and subsequently reveals the real Militsa.

Artwork for Tales of Kizna.

Militsa flees once more before the group finds her at the north exit of the city, where Hilda appears and informs Militsa of Tohma's deception. Militsa disregards Hilda's words and expresses that the King's Shield is the only place where Halfs can be welcomed. Militsa then distinguishes herself from Hilda, who broke off her horns, an act that Militsa considers a renouncement of Hilda's Half heritage. The group then fights Militsa, in a battlefield engulfed in walls of light that was created by her Force, and defeats her, prompting her to withdraw without revealing the motive behind her actions, as she states she was merely instructed to capture Huma women. Militsa makes it clear that she is unaware of the circumstances behind the mass kidnapping, as well as that she is better off not knowing its purpose.

Under Orders and Change of Heart

The group encounters Militsa again at Babilograd Harbor, where she is accompanied by Walto. The group fights both generals in a battlefield created by Militsa's Force, much like in Sannytown. After the battle, Militsa only exchanges words with Hilda, who again attempts to persuade her. Once Milhaust Selkirk arrives, Militsa and Walto leave. Militsa does not appear again until Calegia Castle, when the group infiltrates the place to rescue Claire Bennett at the ritual dais, located at the very top of the castle. Despite her and Walto's attempt to halt the group, Veigue attacks them and leaves them for the rest of the group to stall while he makes his way to the ritual dais. The group does not encounter Militsa after the ritual until Mount Sovereign, although Hilda witnesses an apparition of Militsa during her trial at the Shrine of Gilione.

Artwork for Tales of Card Evolve.

At the mouth of Mount Sovereign, Militsa joins Saleh, Tohma, and Walto in a showdown against the group. Upon defeat, the Four Stars are in disbelief at their loss. Militsa refrains from speaking before and after the fight. It is not until Walto surrenders his struggle against Eugene that Militsa speaks, calling Walto a traitor and grabbing his cane in an attempt to kill him. Hilda stops Militsa and ultimately convinces her to abandon her cause. Through Hilda's words, Militsa comes to a realization that there could be a place for her outside the King's Shield. Hilda also expresses that she herself has found such a place through her companions and proceeds to inform Militsa that her name means "love" in Ancient Calegian.

Admiring the fitting name, Hilda tells Militsa that it was through love that she was born, leaving Militsa speechless. Eugene then tells Walto to take care of Militsa, to which he nods, and the two depart. Militsa appears a final time in Balka as Viruses are attacking the city and helps a child. The child's parent then thanks Militsa before realizing she is a Half and proceeds to question her. Nearby citizens then reprimand the child's parent for her bigotry, leaving Militsa touched by their kindness. She then rushes to help others being attacked by Viruses. In the game's credits, she is shown in a field picking flowers.

Appearance and Personality

Portrait artwork for Tales of Rebirth.

Militsa is a dark-skinned woman with long black hair, which is braided into a lengthy ponytail, and soulless blue eyes. Because she is a Half, she has two large horns and animalistic ears. At one point in the story, Eugene states that all Halfs are born with tails, though Militsa's is never shown. She wears a navy blue top with a cyan blue jacket of sorts that covers her arms. This jacket reveals her shoulders and folds downward at her upper arm, revealing a white underside that is visible in a number of areas. She wears plain khaki pants that are bound below her knees by a gold material, which can be found in numerous places of her attire. Lastly, she wears a basic pair of green and brown boots.

Unlike Hilda, Militsa takes pride in her Half heritage. Even after discovering that she had been deceived by Tohma, Militsa remains loyal to her cause, showing no mercy to even Hilda when the group engages her in battle. Compared to the other three members of the Four Stars, Militsa is mostly silent, choosing to speak only when she deems it necessary. Vehement in the path she has chosen, Militsa is not as easily swayed as Walto, whom she calls a traitor and attempts to kill when he accepts Eugene's offer of fighting as one. Once Militsa allows Hilda's words to penetrate her stubbornness, she submits to her feelings and withdraws her hostility.

Fighting Style

In battle, Militsa uses her Force of Rainbow to create copies of herself, though these copies are much weaker and always have lower HP than Militsa herself. Despite wielding daggers in battle, Militsa rarely engages in close combat, instead opting to cast spells such as Spectral Field, which deals heavy damage and sends the enemy flying across the screen, and Drug Leben, a move she shares with Annie that steals HP from all enemies within range. She also has access to Power Kraft, which increases physical attack power for allies within range, and Guard Wasser, which increases physical defense for all allies within range. In the PlayStation Portable port of the game, Militsa gains the Fusionic Force Sorcery Divine Saber.

Opening still from Tales of Rebirth.

Militsa possesses the ability to teleport, and she does so quite frequently in battle as a means of making it difficult for the opponent to distinguish her from her clones. She fights the group three times throughout the course of the main story: once in Sannytown by herself, again in Babilograd Harbor with Walto, and a final time at Mount Sovereign with all members of the Four Stars. In Cyglorg's Chambers, the game's bonus dungeon, Militsa can be fought alongside the other Four Stars, as well as cloned versions of themselves, for a total of eight enemies, on the 60th floor of the dungeon.